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Personal Injury Attorneys in Peabody, Massachusetts

At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, our Peabody, Massachusetts personal injury attorneys are dedicated to providing experienced legal representation for those who have been victimized by negligence. We will put a three-person legal team on your case who will take the time to get to know you and fully understand the details of your claim. We will work tirelessly to provide the best outcome possible for your unique case.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (800) 577-5188 to schedule your free case review if you need legal help after a loss or personal injury.

Stone Injury Lawyers Are on Your Side

When someone’s negligent action or inaction leads to injuries, our personal injury lawyers provide the support and guidance you need to obtain financial compensation from the responsible party and their insurance company. Do not forget that an insurance company’s primary goal is to pay you as little as possible for your settlement. Having the Jason Stone Injury Lawyers on your side ensures that you have someone protecting your interests to help you recover the maximum possible for your injuries.

Some of the most common personal injury accidents we handle include:

Car Accident

A car accident happens in seconds. Recovery, though, can take years. If you were injured in a car accident, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering damages. We want to help you recover as quickly and stress-free as possible.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites present dangerous conditions for both the workers and people passing by. If you or a loved one were involved in a construction site accident involving hazardous conditions such as electrical accidents, crane accidents, roof falls, falling objects, or other such types of accidents, contact us to understand your rights. In most cases, contacting a construction site accident lawyer is the best course of action to ensure that you receive the full and fair compensation that you deserve.

Defective Product

We rely daily on various products to help make our lives easier, more convenient, and safer. Sadly, despite manufacturing and distributing regulations, defective products still find their way onto the consumer market. When manufacturers put their profits ahead of the public’s safety, they should be held responsible. If you have been harmed by a defective product, whether it was a medical product or device, children’s toy, tool, or other product, our defective product lawyers have the experience needed to confront the organization that caused your injury and to see to it that you receive proper compensation for damages.

Dog Bite

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep others reasonably safe from their dogs. If you or a loved one was attacked or bitten by a dog, resulting in serious physical and emotional injuries, we want to aid you in receiving the compensation for pain and suffering that you have a right to.

Drone Injury

With more and more people finding ways to use drones, whether for personal or business use, the number of injuries caused by drones has increased. If you have been injured, sustained personal property damage, or experienced a privacy violation due to a drone, we are here to assist you in pursuing your legal rights.

Drug Injury

When we are prescribed a medication, we expect that it will successfully treat our health issues, but unfortunately, not all prescription pharmaceuticals are safe or prescribed correctly. If you or your loved one has suffered harm due to a prescription drug, you should explore your legal options. We are here to help you stand up to the big drug company that caused you harm.

Hoverboard Injury

Although they are very popular, the safety of hoverboards has come into question recently after several serious injuries and incidents where these self-balancing skateboards have spontaneously exploded or caught fire. Don’t hesitate to explore your legal rights if you or a loved one were injured in a hoverboard-related incident.

Life Insurance Company Fraud

If you have experienced a sudden, unexpected, and dramatic rise in your life insurance premiums, you may be a victim of life insurance fraud. Our attorneys will review your policy and ensure that you are not exploited.

MBTA Bus Accident

Accidents involving buses, trains, and subways operated by the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) can be extremely complicated. Make sure you protect your rights if you were injured in an accident involving the MBTA by contacting Jason Stone Injury Lawyers.

Medical Malpractice

There is a duty that all doctors are responsible for upholding according to the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” Regrettably, there are instances when a healthcare provider might hurt a patient. Medical errors can be devastating for patients. Our firm is committed to holding the doctor, nurse, or other medical professional responsible and to assist you in recovering legally with just compensation.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists have the same rights as drivers, but because of the relative lack of protection with a motorcycle, these types of collisions are more likely to result in serious injuries and death than car accidents. If you or your loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, our firm can help you recover any damages you may be entitled to.

Nursing Home Abuse

When you entrust your loved one to the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility, you rely on the staff to provide them with competent and dignified care. Sad to say, not all nursing homes take care of their residents as they should. When doctors, nurses, and other staff members act negligently, they should be held responsible and not be allowed to continue to mistreat others. We are here to help if you think your loved one is being neglected or abused.

Pedestrian Accident

Vehicles are supposed to yield to crossing pedestrians, but accidents still do happen. A pedestrian accident can result in very serious injury and even death. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers will make sure you are fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases involve injuries that happened due to a preventable hazard on someone else’s premises. Contact us if you have experienced a slip and fall accident due to the negligent action or inaction of a property owner. We will assist you in acquiring compensation for damages due to your injury.

Social Security Disability

Have you been diagnosed with a disabling illness or injury that leaves you unable to work to make a living? You may be eligible for financial assistance through the Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits program. Many people, though, who have medically diagnosed conditions and try to obtain SSD benefits, find out that acquiring benefits is a prolonged, challenging process. Our law firm is here to help you navigate the process to get the benefits that you need.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are some of the most difficult injuries to deal with both financially and emotionally due to their severity. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a TBI, let us help you get the fair compensation that you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Based on their size, a truck accident can easily cause devastating injuries. There are specific federal rules that apply to truck accidents. We understand the laws and how to pursue them. Let us help you recover from such a catastrophic accident by assisting you to obtain just compensation.

Veterans Benefits

As a veteran who served your country, you never thought you would have to hire a veterans benefits lawyer to receive your deserved benefits. Unfortunately, the VA denies many claims. If your claim for veteran’s benefits has been denied, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are ready to help you.

Workers Compensation

If you were injured on the job or diagnosed with an illness that you believe is work-related, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can cover your medical expenses and compensate you for lost wages. Let us help you with the complicated process of filing your workers’ compensation claim so that you can receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Wrongful Death

Preventable death is a terrible nightmare. While we can never undo the tremendous loss that you suffered, we want to try to help ease the pain by holding the responsible parties accountable and getting you justice.

Contact Jason Stone Injury Lawyers About Your Case Today

You deserve full and just compensation if you have been injured because of the negligence of someone else. The Jason Stone Injury Lawyers in Peabody Massachusetts are here to assist you in reaching that goal so that you can recover from your injuries and financial stress from medical bills, lost work, and other damages. Contact our personal injury team today at (800) 577-5188 and we will schedule your free consultation.

Here is what our clients have to say:

“Jason Stone Injury Lawyers worked hard to get me the help I needed to get through my case. I really appreciate the way they kept me informed during each step of the process. It made it a lot easier knowing I had a group of people working together on my behalf. I hate having accidents, but I would call Jason and his team if I needed a good lawyer again. Thanks JSIL!!” – Miriam A.

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