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$2.75 Million
Pedestrian Accident

A United States Army Recruiter’s lack of attention while driving in Trenton, NJ caused catastrophic injury to a Massachusetts native who was crossing the intersection inside the clearly marked crosswalk. In fact, the pedestrian was only steps away from the safety of the concrete median when disaster struck.  Instead of reaching safety, the pedestrian was violently hit and thrown, causing him to lose consciousness.

$1.8 Million
Bus Accident

The plaintiff, Ms. J., was a pedestrian crossing Intervale Street in Brockton, outside of a crosswalk, when she was struck by a large transportation vehicle, causing injuries to both her lower extremities that will require future medical care. The accident reconstructionist concluded that the plaintiff was in the “Zone of Entrapment” when the transportation vehicle turned the corner and struck the plaintiff and that the operator of the vehicle should have seen the Ms. J.

$1.75 Million
Premises Liability

While helping his brother move, our client John B., a prior construction worker and now a recovery minister, fell down an interior staircase in a Quincy, MA apartment building. The stairs were in a dilapidated condition AND in violation of the Massachusetts Building Code – there were no railings in place. MA Building Code requires a railing placed on the left wall of a staircase. When John B.’s left foot slipped off the winder tread (the triangular shaped steps when a staircase winds around a corner with no landing), he automatically reached out for something to catch himself, but without a railing there was nothing to grab onto. He fell forward and tumbled all the way down, landing at the bottom, completely unresponsive. John was diagnosed with a serious traumatic brain injury leaving him struggling now – and for the rest of his life – with cognitive impairment, speech difficulties, double vision issues, and limited mobility and functional use of his right hand. The building owner and manager initially denied responsibility and refused to extend a settlement offer. In initial negotiations, they offered only $300,000. After fully litigating the case, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers obtained a settlement of $1,750,000.

$1 Million
Negligent Security

On September 27th, at approximately 7:13 PM, a 29-year-old resident of New Jersey, entered an establishment north of Boston with a co-worker. While at the establishment, he was served alcohol and interacted with female employees. At approximately 9:59 PM, he was approached by a female employee who engaged him physically by interlocking arms. The female employee then escorted him to a VIP Section. Before entering the VIP Section with the female employee, the victim interacted with security staff. After the exchange between the victim, the female employee and security personnel at the entrance of the VIP Section, the victim started walking away, heading back to the bar. 10 seconds later, he was attacked by the same security personell, throwing a blow to the back of the head. After dazing him, he, along with 5 employees forcefull ejected the victim. Security staff closed the doors with the victim outside. At 10:00, five security staffers exited the premises through the front door and chased the victim into the parking lot, surrounding him in an aggressive manner. The original assaillant kicked the victim as the security staff surrounded him. The victim was sucker punched in the face, knocking the victim unconscious. At 10:03 PM, a captain from the City’s Police Department pulled into the parking lot and called emergency services. Since this assault, the victim has lived with a traumatic brain injury. He is no longer employable. He can no longer enjoy the activities with his fiancé that he enjoyed before this unnecessary, avoidable incident. He received compensation of $1,000,000 for his past and future medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering and emotion/mental anguish which includes embarrassment, depression, loss of self-worth etc. It is not enough.


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