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Client Testimonials

At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, it’s our mission to protect injured victims from being taken advantage of by insurance companies while we get them generously compensated for their injuries.

See what some of our former clients have to say about their experiences with us, and then fill out a Free Initial Consultation Form to see how we can help you, too.

“Under-promise, over-deliver…”

Jason and his associates and staff made a practice of keeping me informed of procedures and options in my legal goings-on. Timely calls, checking to make sure that I understood issues—these are the things that I experienced with this practice. In terms of results, “under-promise, over-deliver.” I trust Jason and his crew.

— Andrew

“Persistent, aggressive, and enthusiastic…”

I was injured in a slip and fall incident at a North Shore mall in 2006. I went to Jason Stone Injury Lawyers because of their reputation for being persistent, aggressive, and enthusiastic. The insurance company for the mall did everything to cast doubt on the validity of my claim. They refused to accept the blame for causing the wet condition on the floor that caused me to slip. I even had a witness that saw everything happen.

Attorney Stone tried to settle the case without filing a lawsuit, but when the offer was way too low, we had no choice. Finally, after a long fight (and less than a month before trial), Attorney Stone was able to get me an offer that was almost six times their initial offer. He kept me informed every step of the way and spared no expense to help me prove my case. Not only did he know what was happening with my case, but the other attorneys and case managers were equally well informed, and everyone was available and friendly.

I would highly recommend Jason Stone Injury Lawyers. I believe he and his firm did everything possible to get me as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. I feel like nothing was left on the table. He was easy to get in touch with, responsive to my calls and emails, and made sure he covered all of the bases.

While I hope I never get hurt again, if I do, I would definitely hire Jason Stone Injury Lawyers to represent me.

— Sherry L

“Hard working and highly professional…”

My children and I were crossing the street to go to school one morning when we were hit by a car. My main concern in hiring an attorney was getting one who would be caring and understanding in dealing with children’s cases. Jason Stone assured me that they would do everything to see that we got a fair settlement—not only for the injuries, but also for the trauma and stress that it caused the children. After a year, from rehabilitation and patience, I was VERY happy with their services and the outcome, and wouldn’t hesitate to call them again!

— Kamil L.

“Great Experience!”

It was my first time working with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers and I have to say it was a great first impression/experience. They got back to me on time if I missed their call or they missed my call. The office kept me informed on what was going on with my personal injury case. I would definitely recommend Jason Stone to family or friends if they needed a lawyer.

— Gerald L.

“He listens to his clients…”

Jason Stone was introduced to me by a friend about 10 years ago, today. He’s a soft-spoken lawyer—very intelligent and articulate. He listens to his clients very well, and goes for the best immediately. He has recruited his type of lawyer into his chambers. One of them, by the name of David B. DiCenso, did a very nice job for me recently on my case with my former employers when they wanted to throw me away without any compensation on my injury at work.

— Williams E.

“They made sure I received every bit of money I deserved.”

I was in two accidents and Jason Stone Injury Lawyers helped me with both. The people of Jason Stone were very helpful and stuck with me through both of my cases. They called me often, and sent me letters to keep me up-to-date and make sure I got the paperwork done on time. They made sure I received every bit of money I deserved. They made sure all of my bills were paid without much hassle. I really recommend them because I think they are really passionate about what they do, and it shows.

— Maxima P.

“I would surely recommend them…”

Attorney Jason Stone and the firm kept me in the loop of all updates with my claim. I was pleased with the help that I received. I would surely recommend them to others.

— Diane R.

“Newfound friend after a St. Patrick’s Day disaster…”

I was in town to enjoy my granddaughter’s opera performance, her St. Patrick’s Day birthday, and my first-ever Boston St. Patty’s Day festivities, when my luxury rental auto was rear-ended. As a visitor, I had no connections and knew no attorneys to call.

When I returned to my home state, thousands of miles away, a local doctor recommended Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, so I gave them a call. I reached someone on the call immediately, and was able to speak directly to Jason Stone that same day! I knew that was a good sign, because I have had experiences with “MIA” attorneys you never see or hear from ever again once they get your money. Not with Jason Stone. I was never asked to pay one penny up front.

As a certified paralegal, I know how important it is for lawyers to establish trust and be responsive and knowledgeable. Every step of my experience with the Jason Stone law firm was informed and seamless. When I asked for an opinion, I felt I was given the best counsel and never felt led down a path I didn’t want to go. My attorney, David DiCenso, answered all of my questions and attended to all my needs.

What I appreciated most was that I was able to select my own doctors. I have a preference for the type of physicians I trust and my attorney gave me excellent suggestions that helped my case. My interaction with the Jason Stone Law firm spanned a year, and though it seemed a long time, I was entirely confident. In that year, my lawyer’s office relocated, there was even a national emergency in Boston, and Jason Stone Injury Law Firm never missed a beat. They kept me updated on every single step of my case and got me the highest injury settlement possible.

Thank you Jason Stone for making a stranger to your city feel welcomed and at home. I will be back to see my granddaughter graduate this year and will be sure to drop by and thank you personally. Though we never met, the very personal and competent care and attention I received makes me feel like you are family and you really care.

— Theresa A.

“Hire this firm. Stop looking around.”

Jason and his staff and associates rock! They are cordial, timely in their communication, and they check understanding regularly to make sure that everyone is on the same page. They worked on two auto accident cases for me. Jason was persistent on my behalf and, again, communicative about all goings-on. My cases were settled much to my satisfaction. Hire this firm. Stop looking around. Get what you deserve, need, and want.

— A.J. B.

“Professional and persistent…”

Jason is great. I was in a car accident in Dorchester two years ago—never been in a situation like that before. Jason walked me through it and handled my case very well. Him and his staff were professional and persistent on my behalf; they kept me informed all the way. My case settled for more than I expected.

If you have a case, no matter how complicated it is, Jason Stone is the right guy. He will have your back.

— Semou D.

“Always returns my phone calls…”

I have been dealing with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers on my auto accident case for almost two years now. Jason and his associates have been great the whole time. Someone is always available to help me. Jason responds to emails especially fast and always returns my phone calls. He checks in after every appointment, and makes sure that I am getting the best care possible. I am confident that he will reach a solution that we will both be satisfied with. I was referred by a friend, and boy am I glad I didn’t go elsewhere! I would definitely refer him to anyone else in the future.

— Jasmine W.

“Jason Stone puts all other attorneys to shame.”

I have never had such a good experience. He was fast, informative, responded to emails, and got the job done. I have no reservations in recommending him; you will be in good hands.

— Jessica L.

“Takes care of my every need…”

I was in a car accident over a year ago. This firm takes care of my every need. All I had to do is take care of my family and myself. I will recommend this firm over and over without any hesitations.

— Marie

“Absolutely exceptional…”

Jason Stone and staff were instrumental in helping us obtain Social Security Disability income for our son. They explained the process clearly and concisely, guided us through the forms, contacted his doctors, and filed the paperwork—all in a timely manner. The process took four months total from beginning to end, and we received benefits beginning at the end of the fourth month. This is absolutely exceptional for anyone to get approval in this short of a time frame. My understanding of the process from other people and lawyers is that initial requests are always denied, and the vast majority of cases must be appealed, and it’s a long haul that can take years. All I can say is, they were outstanding.

— George

“No beating around the bush…”

I recommend Jason Stone. He is a trustworthy attorney. Jason handled my slip and fall accident matter. Attorney Stone did everything possible to make sure that I came out winning at the end. He is right to the point—no beating around the bush. If I were to need an attorney in the future, I would utilize his services again!

— Diane

“Diligent and focused…”

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers was diligent and focused. Tara Briggs’ diligence, knowledge, and communication were top-notch. She kept me very well informed of every step of the process and did everything possible to get me the money I deserved. I would absolutely recommend this firm to my closest friends and family.

— Andrea B.

“Very professional…”

Jason was fantastic. He kept me informed, always returned my calls, gave me options for my case, and was very professional. My personal injury case was settled within six months, which was much quicker than I anticipated. I would definitely recommend Jason Stone.

— George

“Speaks in words that I can understand…”

I was recently recommended to Jason Stone Injury Lawyers and have been dealing with a very friendly lawyer who speaks in words that I can understand. Any terms, legalities, or problems that have arisen have been dealt with in a way that makes it easy to understand. Our lawyer is handling at this present time two unfortunate accidents, and she is extremely helpful and really feels concern and compassion for my family. I highly recommend this law firm, and I too, as the other reviews stated, have not had to put out any money up front. When there is a settlement, then their portion is by far well-deserved and worth every penny! Recommend highly!

— Andrea K.

“They fight for you and demand restitution…”

I have had several cases with the lawyers at Jason Stone’s firm, and I highly recommend their representation and services. From my first case, to my most recent accident case, I was handled professionally, and I was always kept in the loop of the progress of my case. Not only that, they fight for you and demand restitution for the loss and injury you’ve experienced after an accident. They are not expensive at all. By sticking to their word of “no fee,” you only pay if there is a settlement!

Insurance companies can be a hassle, and are inconsiderate when it comes to injury. With Jason’s team of lawyers, you’ll get one-on-one attention to your case—as if you are the only client. Other lawyers I’ve dealt with require you to pay a high retainer fee, and then you end up with a settlement that’s less than you expected after waiting up to a year for the settlement to even be considered.

I was very happy with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers’ knowledge, professionalism, and skill, but also their caring and concerned approach. They are strong advocates when it comes to defending your case. I highly recommend Jason Stone Injury Lawyers. They are a five-star law firm, and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve recommended this practice to friends and family, and I’ve been a client since 2003.

— A.G.

“Thank you to the law office and staff of Jason Stone…”

On March 7, 2013, my wife and I got in a car accident in Everett, Massachusetts. We were both hurt—my wife having more serious injuries because she hit the dashboard and had to be taken by ambulance. She was bleeding from her mouth and they noticed she had lost her front tooth. Concerned about her well-being, she was taken away by ambulance, and a couple days later, I went to the hospital.

I hired Jason Stone and met with David DiCenso. He was so knowledgeable and very caring, and kept asking about the well-being of my wife, because she was not only hurt in the accident, but was very sick as well. He took his time, always kept me informed, and always returned my calls the same day.

All I have is good things to say about this law firm. I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me. I would not only recommend them to friends, family, and others, but would use this law firm if I was to ever need a lawyer again. Thank you for a job well done to the law office and staff at Jason Stone.

— Barry H.

“They told me the steps and kept me informed…”

I had my accident in May 2013. A friend of mine who used Jason Stone Injury Lawyers recommended them to me. This being my first major accident, I really liked that they told me the steps and kept me informed through the process.

— Sherry P.

“They were very knowledgeable…”

I had used Jason Stone for a workers’ comp case and was very pleased with the way my case was handled and my settlement. So when I filed for Social Security Disability, I immediately called them. They were very knowledgeable and were right on spot. I won my case.

— Ralph P.

“Good lawyer…”

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers worked hard to get me the help I needed to get through my case. I really appreciate the way they kept me informed during each step of the process. It made it a lot easier knowing I had a group of people working together on my behalf. I hate having accidents, but I would call Jason and his team if I needed a good lawyer again. Thanks JSIL!!

— Miriam A.

“Very good lawyer…”

Jason Stone’s office handled my car accident claim and my workers’ compensation case with urgency and care. He and his team kept me informed at all times about the progress of my case, and also responded to my inquiries and questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Jason Stone to anybody seeking assistance with their injury case.

— Anthony R.

“Your whole staff at Stone Injury Lawyers helped me feel connected to a team of compassionate, understanding, and intelligent attorneys”

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Sean Doherty, and I am a former client of Jason Stone Injury Lawyers.

After being involved in an automobile accident on September 6, 2018 I was left with a totalled car, personal bodily injury, and worst of all fear. The thought of having to deal with insurance companies, reimbursements, follow-ups, and paperwork left me in a state of absolute panic. Then I took a shot in the dark and googled "Best Personal Injury Attorney Boston" and the first non-sponsored result read Jason Stone Injury Lawyers. I made the call and I am writing today to express how well deserved that title is by your hard working and incredible team.

The intake was absolutely effortless and even though I didn't have all of the information needed, the intake specialist was calm and collected while I was very much less than so. I was quickly followed up with a phone call stating that your firm was going to represent me and that my attorney Natalie Quinn would be calling me to provide next steps.

To be honest, I was skeptical. I had heard horror stories of "ambulance chasers" and was fearful that I was going to get barraged with a fast talking, medical jargon slinging lawyer who wanted the deal done quickly so they could collect their contingency fee. Attorney Natalie Quinn thankfully proved me wrong on all accounts. She took almost a full hour to hear about what had happened, asked how I was feeling, expressed concern about my overall situation, and gave me the utmost sigh of relief when she said "We got it from here".

Her associate Andrew, made the information gathering process streamlined and turn-key allowing me the time I needed to try and start to heal which Natalie repeatedly expressed was the most important part of this entire process. During the months of waiting to hear back from various insurance related issues, both Natalie and Andrew were in constant communication even if it was just to check in and see how I was feeling.

But here is where your team set themselves apart from everyone else:

Unfortunately during this time, my pain was not subsiding and it began to affect my work and personal life. I had never sustained such injuries and had little coping skills to deal with the various levels of discomfort in my own body, so I turned to substances.

Eventually, due to my addiction, I became unresponsive to any of Natalie or Andrews numerous attempts to contact me. I was very sick, depressed, and wasn't even concerned about the case because in all honesty because I didn't want to be alive. Natalie, however, never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. She was patient, resourceful, and creative in her ways to engage with a now volatile and mentally ill client. After I consented, she communicated with my mother and my sister who were both trying to care for me and never rushed any of us to get anything done hastily or express the utmost aggravation that my inability to communicate had ground my case to a halt. I cannot even imagine the amount of work she did on the other side in communication with the insurance companies or to possibly her managers who may have wondered why this open case had made no further momentum.

When we reached the original settlement in 2019, I was very grateful to Natalie but unable to give her the recognition she deserves. I subsequently entered substance use disorder treatment in California was surprised to hear from Stone Injury once again in June stating they were able to find additional compensation through the underwriting insurance company and that Natalie's maternity leave replacement, Renee Rodrigues, was going to be handling my case.

Renne was incredible. She was well informed and up to speed on all the details, she was proactive and incredibly easy to reach and speak to given my delicate position in an inpatient rehabilitation center. I cannot speak highly enough about the pleasure it was to work with Renee as well.

As I approach 11 months of sobriety, and have my case finally closed, I have learned one thing that stands true about all the events surrounding my automobile accident and my interaction with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers and that is this; the opposite of addiction is connection. Natalie, Renee, and your whole staff at Stone Injury Lawyers helped me feel connected to a team of compassionate, understanding, and intelligent attorneys who fought on my behalf and more importantly, made me feel I was still someone worth fighting for.

I will be forever grateful to you all.

Very respectfully,
Sean Doherty

— Sean Doherty

“I didn’t know what to do or where to go.”

I was in an accident at work on September 7, 2011. I crashed through a 54-foot trailer floor, which was unstable. My injuries were severe, but not life-threatening. I was out of work and found very little support from my employer, who did not want to compensate me for my lost
wages. Their insurance company was giving me a difficult time and was trying to play this off as a minor accident. I was in physical therapy and in a lot of pain. I didn’t know what to do or where to go.

A friend of mine suggested that I call Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, which I did. They not only got me my lost wages, but also got my employer to pay for the physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Jason Stone stood up and fought for me against a bullying employer and their insurance company. In the end, I received a very handsome personal injury settlement and continued chiropractic care with no out-of-pocket expense to me. I would very highly recommend Jason Stone Injury Lawyers to anyone. One thing that I noticed during this ordeal was that not only did my employer and their insurance company respect Jason Stone and his very qualified team of attorneys, they actually feared them.

Thank you Jason, David, Courtney, Mitchell, and Katy for all your help.

— Kerry M.

“A great experience…”

I had a great experience with this law firm and would highly recommend them to anyone.

— Stanley W.

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