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Boston Parking Lot Accident Attorney

You didn’t see this coming, and who could blame you? Using a parking lot usually doesn’t register as a high-risk activity. But here you are, a victim of yet another parking lot accident. It may be hard to believe, but reports reveal that every 1 in 5 car accidents takes place in parking lots. 

According to the National Safety Council, tens of thousands of car accidents occur in parking lots and garages every year, leading to hundreds of deaths and countless injuries. In congested cities like Boston, the risk of being involved in a parking lot accident is predictably higher. Both drivers and pedestrians can suffer significant personal injuries from these kinds of crashes.

Have you or a loved one been a victim of a parking lot accident in the Boston area? We strongly urge you to reach out to a law firm that has experience in dealing with parking lot accidents. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is exactly the type of highly recommended law firm you need. We serve clients throughout Massachusetts and have a proven track record of helping people like you obtain favorable results. 

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Common Causes of Boston Parking Lot Accidents

With some 60,000 injuries occurring annually, why are parking lots such a dangerous place? The constant stream of pedestrian traffic walking to and from their parked cars is one factor. 

The majority of parking lot accidents involve pedestrians. While strolling through a slow-moving parking lot may feel safe, pedestrians are still vulnerable to significant personal injury. When bumpers meet skin and bone, the possible outcome is practically a foregone conclusion.

Drivers are often preoccupied with finding the best spot, especially around the holidays when mall parking lots are filled to the brim. Vacant spots can be hot commodities, and aggressive drivers may take liberties at the expense of safety just to secure their own stall.

Note just a few more common causes of Boston parking lot accidents:

  • Reversing out of stalls without checking their surroundings
  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Failing to adhere to the posted speed limits
  • Using handheld devices while driving or otherwise driving distracted
  • Opening car doors without paying attention to passersby

Do you notice an underlying pattern? Ultimately, these kinds of accidents are often the result of negligence by the guilty party. If you suffered personal injury because someone else was being negligent, you may well be entitled to compensation. Your best move is to talk to a car accident lawyer who understands the ins and outs of personal injury law.

Don’t stall on the road to recovery. Call Jason Stone Injury Lawyers at (800) 577-5188 or use the form to contact our Boston parking accident lawyers today.

You’ve Been Involved in a Parking Lot Accident – What Do You Do Next?

In many ways, a parking lot accident mirrors the process that should be followed after any accident. Adhering to these guidelines from the moment of your injury onward can make all the difference when it comes to future compensation.

Call the police

Involving an unbiased third party can help when it comes to establishing liability. Explain what happened as best you can when the police arrive. This police report can be used to support your innocence and the other party’s negligence.

Seek medical attention

Even mild injuries should be adequately cared for, as these may flair up in the future. Resist the urge to downplay your pain and follow your caretaker’s advice, especially when it comes to certain activities you should avoid to promote healing. 

Make sure to keep a record of your injuries and treatment, as well as how your work has been affected. Damages can be sought for costs related to your injury or lost income due to time away from work.

Contact a Boston parking lot accident lawyer

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, we highly recommend that you seek the help of an experienced attorney. Your Boston personal injury lawyer can help demystify personal injury claims and maximize your compensation. Choosing an attorney will likely be the most important factor in the outcome of your claim.

When to Get an Attorney

Can you handle the fallout of a parking lot accident on your own? Would you net a better result by seeking legal counsel? These are important questions to consider. An accident may happen in seconds, but its effects can reverberate for years.

While being involved in a Boston parking lot accident wasn’t your choice, it is in your power to choose to seek competent legal advice. 

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers recommends getting sound advice from a car accident lawyer with our firm. A personal injury attorney who has your interests at heart can be your best ally. 

Facing tight-fisted insurance companies who don’t want to compensate you fairly for your serious injuries, pain, and suffering can be intimidating. Don’t let them win. Instead, team up with an injury lawyer who can help you get maximum compensation.

You really should consult with an attorney before accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company. The team members at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers have years of experience and know how to navigate personal injury law. We’re wise to insurance tricks and we won’t let a greedy company get away with giving you any less than what the law entitles you to receive. 

In fact, it’s best to reach out to a local law firm as soon as possible after the accident. 

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers serves clients throughout Massachusetts including Boston, Natick, Peabody, and Westwood. We can help you start collecting wages due to lost work time and medical bills from crash-related injuries. Our team can also collect evidence and eyewitness statements to further back up your case.

Make your case a strong one by acting fast. Get your free immediate case evaluation today. Filling out the contact form sends information to our team of injury attorneys. Once we review your personal injury case, we can formulate a concrete plan to get you on the road to recovery.

Why Choose Jason Stone Injury Lawyers

Parking lot accident victims like you need competent representation. More than that, you deserve to work with law firms that have your best interests at heart.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is one such law firm. We take pride in representing our Massachusetts neighbors, developing positive attorney-client relationships with them. We have helped many residents of Suffolk County including the Greater Boston area and Middlesex County including Cambridge and Newton.

Don’t face a complex legal battle on your own. If you or someone in your family has suffered a personal injury, you Better Phone StoneSM.

Fill out the contact form today to see how our Boston parking accident lawyers can get you on the road to recovery. We offer in-person, over-the-phone, or video-call initial consultations for free to everyone.