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Warning to Residents of Synergy Health Centers

I hope your loved one is not a resident of any of the nursing homes listed below.  Why?  Because SynergyHealth Centers are only closing two of them (New England Health Center in Sunderland and Waban Health Center in Newton) despite the fact that it has been reported that Synergy had more than $31 million in unpaid mortgage loans and other debt.   These 2 homes are on a federal regulator’s list of the worst facilities in the country.  In fact, according to a recent Boston Globe article, because Synergy is fending off creditors and incurring repeated fines for patient deaths and injuries, a court-ordered receiver is trying to sell the properties.

It may be a blessing for the residents if these homes are sold.  If it is true that the reported financial woes are contributing to the health and safety problems, getting residents out of there and into a facility that has the resources to care for its residents has to be a priority.  In September, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office was investigating whether Synergy failed to pay for health insurance for its employees despite deducting premiums from their paychecks.  Also in the summer, Synergy’s Grosvenor Park Health Center in Salem was placed under court-ordered receivership.  Things are going downhill and the elderly are being caught in the middle.

Synergy owns facilities licensed to care for more than 1,200 residents.   If your family member is a resident of one of these nursing homes, and you suspect that they are dehydrated, over medicated, have fallen or have been neglected in any way, there are steps you can take before it is too late.  Please check on them to make sure they are healthy and receiving the appropriate care.  If not, get involved before it is too late. Contact us at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers and let us help you get the compensation you deserve for the negligence the nursing home has had on your loved ones.

  1. Grosvenor Park Health Center in Salem
  2. Woodbriar Health Center in Wilmington
  3. Merrimack Valley Health Center in Amesbury
  4. Watertown Health Center in Watertown
  5. Worcester Health Center in Worcester
  6. Braemoor Health Center in Brockton
  7. West Revere Health Center in Revere
  8. Park Avenue Health Center in Arlington
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