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Unfixed Recalls Make Buying A Used Car In Mass. Risky Business

While buying a used car may be an affordable way to cover your transportation needs, doing so may come with some serious safety risks. According to CBS-Boston, a large number of used vehicles in Massachusetts may contain defective or recalled parts that have gone unrepaired.

One case in particular involved a 2005 Acura sedan for sale in the Boston-area. A quick check of the vehicle’s history uncovered an open recall on parts of the vehicle’s breaking system. Without the system being repaired, the vehicle could fail at any time, resulting in a potentially serious car accident. Similar claims of faulty break systems have recently been filed against automaker, Toyota, and have also resulted in thousands of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits being filed against the company.

What experts find most disturbing is that repairing these defective car parts is free to the lot selling the vehicle.

In an effort to fix the problem, advocacy groups are calling for a law to be passed requiring the seller of a used vehicle to either fix or disclose any open recalls that have been issued for a particular vehicle.

The Boston personal injury lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers recognize how dangerous car accidents can be and encourage anyone who is considering buying a used car to look into whether the vehicle has any current recalls that may affect its performance.

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