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4 Questions That Should Be Asked in Every Premise Liability Case

It happens all the time. An individual visits a business or other person’s property and suffers an injury as the result of an accident. Data from the U.S. Department of Justice indicates there were approximately 600 such cases filed in 2001 alone, which resulted in more than $4 billion in damages being awarded to victims.

These numbers leave many people wondering what constitutes a case of premises liability.  The Boston Personal Injury Attorneys with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers explain there are several questions that must first be answered before determining whether or not a person has been harmed by a premises liability issue, including:

  • Was the property owner aware of the injury-causing hazard?
  • Was the victim warned or told of the injury-causing hazard?
  • Was the victim invited to the location of the incident?
  • Did the property owner fail to take proper precautions to prevent the hazard?

Property owners have a legal responsibility to prevent accidents from occurring on their property by taking action to prevent hazards and warning others of the dangers that are present. Failure to do so could result in a property owner being held liable for injuries. Also, whether an individual was invited to, or was trespassing on, a location where an accident occurs may also have an effect on a premises liability case.

The attorneys with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers encourage those who have been harmed on another person’s property to discuss their legal rights with a qualified attorney immediately.

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