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Natick, MA Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

natick nursing home abuse lawyerEntrusting the care of an elderly relative to a nursing home or care facility can be a difficult decision. When that care turns out to be abuse or neglect, the situation should be addressed quickly and seriously. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, we believe that every person deserves the highest standard of care. 

If your loved one has experienced pain and suffering due to the nursing home staff’s carelessness or negligence, you have the right to pursue justice. It can be overwhelming to take on a health institution by yourself, but that’s why it’s so important to hire competent, caring Massachusetts attorneys to help you each step of the way. 

The nursing home abuse lawyers at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are ready to help. We take the abuse of elderly ones very seriously. We want to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and ensure justice for you and your family. Our nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers are here to investigate your claim, stand up for your rights, and give you the peace of mind you need. 

Let us pursue just compensation on your behalf contact Jason Stone Injury Lawyers in Natick, Massachusetts, today. Call 800-577-5188 or contact us online to arrange your free consultation. Phone and video sessions are available.

Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

The population of Americans over age 65 is expected to increase to 20 percent of the population by 2030, and more families than ever are entrusting nursing homes with the care of their loved ones. However, nursing homes are not always the safe havens that they should be. Lack of funding, careless staff, and dangerous living conditions can put residents’ rights to safety, cleanliness, and dignity at risk.

Nursing home abuse and neglect come in a few different forms. While some types of mistreatment may seem worse than others, it is important to note that all mistreatment can negatively impact your loved one’s health status and quality of life. 

If your elderly family member in Massachusetts has suffered any of the following forms of mistreatment, remember that you can protect your loved one’s rights! Contact Jason Stone Injury Lawyers nursing home attorneys today. 


The only type of nursing home abuse that may be unintentional is neglect. In many cases, neglect occurs when a facility has poor management or oversight. Overcrowding, chronic understaffing, and other management issues can contribute to neglect. Each Massachusetts nursing home resident deserves individual care and attention, so neglect is unacceptable. 

Physical abuse

Physical is the more obvious and despicable form of abuse. Physical abuse includes hitting, shoving, slapping, and other violent behaviors. For example, the unnecessary use of restraints may be considered physically abusive behavior. If you suspect your loved one suffered physical abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, get him or her out of that situation as soon as possible and call a nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Emotional abuse

Embarrassment, isolation, and humiliation all constitute emotional abuse. This type of abuse may even include threats against the nursing home resident, which may be intended to cover up physical or sexual abuse. It can be difficult to notice that your loved one is being emotionally abused, as it is often masked as dementia or senility by the caregiver. But keep an eye out for it, as this type of treatment can be extremely detrimental to the health of the patient and can definitely be considered elder abuse. 

Sexual abuse

Any inappropriate or unwanted sexual attention may be considered sexual abuse. This includes touching, fondling, taking indecent pictures, exposing oneself to a resident, unnecessary nudity, and rape. You can protect your loved ones’ rights and get help from a nursing home abuse law firm in Massachusetts. 

Financial abuse

Any unauthorized use of the resident’s money, credit cards, or other financial assets is considered to be financial abuse. It can also include billing a resident for procedures he or she did not receive or for unnecessary treatments. Fight for your family’s safety by having an experienced Massachusetts nursing home abuse lawyer look into your loved one’s case today. 

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Determining whether or not your loved one is suffering from abuse and neglect at the hands of caregivers can be difficult. If your loved one is in a nursing home or care facility, we recommend watching for the following signs of abuse:

  • Bedsores
  • Poor hygiene
  • Torn clothing
  • Pale complexion
  • Odors of urine or feces
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Open wounds, cuts, bruises, or welts
  • Untreated health problems or injuries
  • Damaged or missing personal items
  • Bruises suggesting the use of physical restraints
  • Fleas, lice, mold, mildew, or dirt on your loved one or within the facility

Residents often may not report the abuse due to intimidation, medical conditions, and distance from family members. However, by looking for these signs, you can protect them from suffering abuse in their nursing homes.

Along with symptoms suggesting abuse, you should also be on the lookout for evidence of careless or negligent nursing home staff, which may include:

  • Refusal to allow visitation to your loved one
  • Unexplained changes to your loved one’s medication
  • Improper heating or cooling in your loved one’s living areas
  • Inability to explain injuries or changes in your loved one’s condition
  • Lack of supervision or allowing your loved one to wander off the premises

These signs of neglect by the care facility warrant further investigation of their actions. That’s where a Massachusetts nursing home abuse and neglect law firm comes in. 

Compensation Options in a Natick Nursing Home Abuse Case

Every case is unique, so no two settlements are the same. If we can prove that your loved one suffered physical, emotional, or financial damage as a result of nursing home abuse, we can help you pursue compensation for that damage. However, since each case is different, we are unable to provide you with an estimate of how much your case might be worth until we complete our investigation. 

Depending on the circumstances in your loved one’s case, the Massachusetts judge may award punitive damages in a lawsuit. These are meant to punish the care facility’s administration for their heinous and intentional actions. Some of these damages include coverage for medical treatment, facility change expenses, out-of-pocket costs, reimbursement for money lost due to financial abuse, and extra damages for pain and suffering. 

Rest assured, your best bet is to hire a personal injury lawyer with experience in nursing home abuse cases. The team at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers can handle all the twists and turns of your case so everything will turn out well. We know you may not intend to go to court, and we are prepared to seek a settlement outside of court if you prefer. Nevertheless, we are prepared to take your case as far as is necessary to get you the peace your family needs.

At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, our Massachusetts legal team is dedicated to seeking justice on behalf of every one of our clients. We offer free initial consultations, and we work on a contingency fee basis, so we don’t get a penny until we recover compensation for you. That’s our Stone Cold Guarantee®.

How Jason Stone Injury Lawyers Can Help

At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, our law firm is standing by 24/7 to get started on your case. If you hire us, you can expect our legal team to:

  • Manage all communication including with the nursing home, its legal team, and its insurance company
  • Conduct an investigation and collect evidence to support your claim
  • Calculate the value of the damages your loved one is owed
  • Keep you up-to-date about the progress of your case
  • Attempt to negotiate a fair settlement agreement, and;
  • File a personal injury lawsuit and represent your family in court, if necessary.

In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations indicates that you must file a lawsuit within 3 years of the incident in order to hold the responsible parties liable for the abuse your family member suffered. Due to this statute of limitations, the sooner we can get started on collecting evidence and building your case, the better. 

Better Phone Stone® in Natick

We know that discovering your loved one has suffered mistreatment or neglect can be devastating. We want to help you through this difficult time. Our attorneys are ready to work for you so that you can focus on the well-being of your family. 

If you believe that your loved one suffered elder abuse in a Massachusetts long-term care facility, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are here to give you the personalized help and support that you need. That’s our Stone Cold Guarantee®.

Don’t worry about the costs. We review nursing home abuse cases for free, and we only get paid once you are paid. So you don’t owe us a cent unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Contact Jason Stone Injury Lawyers in Natick, Massachusetts, to get justice for your family – call (800) 577-5188 today.