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Driving Drowsy Can be as Dangerous as Driving Drunk

When you drive drowsy your reaction time is slower, you’re paying less attention to your surroundings, and your decision making is impaired. Sounds a lot like drunk driving right? It won’t get you a DUI, but it puts you and fellow drivers at risk.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), out of more than 33,000 crashes annually, 7,500 fatal crashes in the United States each year involve drowsy drivers, compared to 10,000 fatalities due to alcohol impaired driving.

Drowsy drivers have been reported to only having five hours or less of sleep within 24 hours and drowsy related car crashes are most likely to happen during the midafternoon or at night, when under slept people are most tired.

Jason Stone and his team of Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers  urge anyone who feels the slightest bit of drowsiness to both pull aside and take a nap or call a friend for a ride. Help keep the roads safe, don’t drive drowsy and don’t drink and drive.

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