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Boston Injury Lawyers Discuss Dangers of Job Site Equipment Contact

Companies who hire employees have a responsibility to protect their workers’ well-being at all times. Too often though, failure to meet such standards results in serious injuries or the untimely deaths of workers.

The Boston Workers Compensation Lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers explain that a common, yet preventable, workplace hazard that results in a large number of worker fatalities each year is workers being crushed by equipment on a job site. In fact, the Massachusetts Coalition of Occupational Safety and Health says that since 2000, an estimated 21 workers have been killed as the result of such accidents.

One of the most recent fatalities involved a 61-year-old assembly line worker who was killed August 6, at the Piantedosi Baking Company located in Malden. Reports from the Boston Globe explain the victim was placing a tray of baked goods on a conveyor belt when her apron became caught in the moving parts of the machine. The apron quickly began to wrap and tighten around the victim’s neck, causing suffocation and ultimately death.

The incident leaves many wondering what can be done to prevent workplace accidents. Jason Stone’s Boston Personal Injury Lawyers explain in many workplace accidents, the company’s failure to meet safety standards is to blame. In the case of the 61-year-old worker, the company had failed to install proper guards on equipment. That’s why the firm says it’s so important to discuss your case with an attorney if you or a loved one has been injured while on the job.

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