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Massachusetts Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

Massachusetts Electric Scooter Accident LawyerAlternative forms of transportation, like electric scooters, are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to move around the crowded city and suburbs alike. Electric scooters are fun, inexpensive to operate and maintain, and are relatively easy to use. Future thinking entrepreneurs have even developed a rideshare system that eliminates the need to own a scooter in order to use one. The increased use of electric scooters has an unfortunate downside, scooter accidents. The rise in electric scooter accidents has required states to pass laws to regulate use and hopefully increase user safety. Scooter riders who violate the regulations regarding their use are subject to fines and expose themselves to liability if they are involved in an accident.

In Massachusetts, motorized scooter laws have been on the books since March of 2019 with the enactment of House Bill 5643. Electric scooter riders in Massachusetts are required by law to follow the statutes enacted in H.B. #5643 in order to legally operate an electric scooter anywhere in the state. In addition to state regulations, individual towns and cities may also have laws regulating use of electric scooters.

It is important for electric scooter operators to know and understand the laws governing scooter use so they can continue to enjoy this method of transportation safely and legally.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping accident victims receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Boston electric scooter accident due to the negligence or recklessness of another person, our Massachusetts electric scooter accident lawyers can help.

What Is Considered An Electric Scooter in Massachusetts?

There are a variety of alternative forms of transportation available in Massachusetts, with specific laws in place to regulate their use. Knowing the kind of vehicle you have as defined by the law, can ensure that you gain access to the correct laws and safety regulations for your specific vehicle.

The state of Massachusetts has defined a motorized scooter as a vehicle that is designed for a person to stand or sit on, has two or three wheels, and includes handlebars. A motorized scooter can be electric or gas-powered with enough power to propel the vehicle with or without human assistance. Motor scooters are only allowed to transport one person at a time and cannot have a maximum speed greater than 25 mph. Electric or gas-powered scooters, mini motorcycles, and pocket bikes are all considered motorized scooters and are all subject to state and local regulations and laws.

Do I Need A License To Operate A Motor Scooter?

Yes and No. You are required to have a valid learner’s permit or regular driver’s license to legally operate an electric scooter in Massachusetts, however, you are not required to have a specific motorcycle license.

Can Minors Legally Ride Electric Scooters?

Yes. Minors 16 and older, with a driver’s license or learner’s permit can legally operate an electric scooter. No passengers are allowed on motor scooters in Massachusetts.

Does My Scooter Need To Be Registered?

No. Vehicle registration is currently not required for electric motor scooters.

Where Can I Ride My Scooter In Massachusetts?

Riders of electric scooters have the right to use all public ways except places of limited access, express state highways, or any place where signs have been posted specifically prohibiting scooters or bicycles.

Electric scooters are only allowed on sidewalks under two conditions. The first being a situation occurring that makes riding anywhere but the sidewalk unsafe, and the second, a local ordinance that directs scooters to be ridden on the sidewalk. In either case, when riding on the sidewalk, scooters must yield the right of way to pedestrians and give an audible signal before overtaking and passing any pedestrian.

All rules and traffic laws apply to electric scooters the same as any other motorized vehicle. Scooter riders who violate the laws and regulations regarding electric scooters increase their risk of serious injury and endanger the public, as well as subjecting themselves to fines.

Are Helmets Required By Law?

Yes. A United States Department of Transportation standard helmet is required to legally operate a motor scooter in Massachusetts.

USA Today reports nearly 40,000 significant injuries were seen in emergency departments across the country from 2014 to 2018, and these numbers continue to rise as the popularity of electric scooters increase. A significant percentage of electric scooter injuries involve the head and neck, some severe enough to cause paralysis and in some extremely serious cases, death. Wearing a helmet while riding an electric scooter doesn’t guarantee you won’t be injured in an accident but in some instances a helmet is the difference between permanent disability and recovery, life or death.

Jason Stone understands that even when you follow the rules, your life or the life of a loved one can be dramatically changed by the actions of another person. An accident places a financial burden on victims that can slow or inhibit the healing process. The attorneys at Jason Stone understand the financial strain accident victims feel and do their part not to add to it. Jason Stone offers a free, no risk, case evaluation to electric scooter accident victims, in addition, the Stone Cold Guarantee ensures that you don’t pay unless you receive a settlement. Call (800)577-5188 to schedule your free consultation with our Boston electric scooter accident lawyer.

Are There Restrictions On The Time of Day I Can Ride?

Yes. Massachusetts law prohibits motorized scooters from operating at any time after sunset or before sunrise. The risk of injury to the rider and others greatly increases when visibility is limited and is therefore prohibited. Violation of this regulation is punishable by a fine that increases for each separate and repeated offense.

After an electric scooter accident in Boston, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. We know that electric scooter injuries can be severe and we can offer the support you need to get your life back on track. Our first conversation is free, so you can make sure we are the best lawyers to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers offers expert, personal injury services to victims of electric scooter accidents in Massachusetts. With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of more than $60 million awarded to clients. You can trust our Boston electric scooter accident lawyers at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers to get the compensation you deserve.