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What To Look For When Searching for a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Personal Injury Law

When innocent parties suffer harm because of negligence, they could recover financial damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Injured individuals may pursue their claim alone, or they may rely on a personal injury law firm’s experience, expertise and resources to strengthen their case. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers wants to help those harmed understand how to narrow their options when choosing a firm to handle their personal injury claim and protect their rights.

Focus on Personal Injury

Just as a medical patient would not see a brain surgeon for a spinal cord injury, it makes sense to let a personal injury legal representative handle a personal injury case. Different areas of the law involve distinct practices and regulations, and lawyers must understand their specific area of law thoroughly if they hope to take great care of their clients and their legal needs.

History of Taking Cases to Trial

Even though most personal injury defendants and plaintiffs prefer to resolve their cases outside of court, negotiations may not go according to plan, leaving parties with little choice but to go before a judge or jury. All law firms that personal injury victims consider should have plenty of experience taking cases to court and know when to take a claim to court rather than negotiate in circles. If an insurance company knows a legal advocate rarely takes cases to trial, it may increase the pressure on the plaintiff to accept a terrible settlement offer. An inexperienced lawyer may fold and suggest her or his client take a low-ball settlement.

History of High Settlements

Personal injury victims who suffer severe injuries may stand to receive a substantial settlement. To protect a generous claim, plaintiffs may narrow their options to law firms that help clients secure substantial settlements. While lawyers should not guarantee high settlements for their clients, it may reassure harmed parties to know the firm they choose knows how to fight for every penny of compensation their clients need to be made financially whole after a personal injury.

Active Member of National & State Trial Lawyer Organizations

Even after passing the bar and practicing the law, attorneys never stop learning. To hone their professional skills, they may participate in state and national trial lawyer organizations. When lawyers know the latest laws and tricks insurance companies and guilty parties may use, they have a chance to prepare themselves and their clients.

Access to Past Clients

Personal injury victims may want to speak with an attorney’s current and former clients before hiring a specific firm. Reputable legal practitioners do not mind giving personal injury victims access to past clients to get an idea of how the firm works and what potential clients should expect. Lawyers who hesitate to provide client reviews or testimonials may have something to hide.

Sufficient Resources To Handle a Client’s Case

While a legal practitioner may want to take a personal injury victim’s case, the law firm may lack the resources to do the claim justice. Potential clients could feel more comfortable working with a law firm with the budget and resources to see a case through from beginning to end. Not all firms have access to professional witnesses, private investigators, accident reconstructionists and medical professionals to help build a claim.

Client Information Protection

Clients often share personal, private information with legal representatives. They deserve to work with legal practitioners who prioritize keeping client details private and secure with help from online security. Personal injury victims may ask about a law firm’s data encryption and cybersecurity practices.

Client information protection should also extend to keeping a past client’s details confidential when attorneys speak with potential clients about their professional background. Personal injury plaintiffs must listen carefully while interviewing different law firms. If an attorney reveals protected details about past clients and cases, they may not be worthy of a new client’s trust.

Excellent Communication Skills

Clients deserve to get in touch with their legal team when they have a question or concern. Professional law firms answer clients by email or phone as promptly as possible, and they do not make it hard to get a response.

When a lawyer answers client questions, she or he should communicate using language the client easily understands. Legal practitioners may fall into the habit of speaking in legal jargon, but customers may feel more at ease when their attorney switches to terms a layperson comprehends.

Tips for Being a Great Client

Not only do personal injury victims deserve to know what to look for in a dependable law firm, but they also need to know the elements of a good client. When attorneys and clients establish a solid rapport, it could affect the legal outcome favorably.

Respond to Phone Calls and Emails

Clients may feel overwhelmed by doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, unpaid bills, lost wages and the ongoing stress of life, all of which may leave them with little energy or attention to respond to their attorney. Clients may harm their case or upset their legal advocate if they delay in answering phone calls and emails.

Participate in the Discovery Process & Deposition

When personal injury victims sue the at-fault party, the defendant sends the injured party’s legal team document requests and written questions. Clients help their claims by responding to questions and requests promptly and thoroughly. Neglecting to take quick action could risk a claim’s dismissal.

During a deposition, parties answer questions under oath outside court. Personal injury legal representatives help clients prepare for questioning, but only if clients participate.

Appear for All Medical Appointments

Those injured in a personal injury may have a long recovery ahead and several appointments with medical specialists. Plaintiffs must keep all their appointments not only so their condition improves, but also so the defendant’s legal team and insurance provider do not get the impression that the victim did not sustain serious injuries, which could harm a case.

Refrain From Blaming the Lawyer

When things do not go according to plan in a legal case, clients may feel tempted to blame it all on their legal team. Sometimes, complications become the lawyer’s fault, but other times, the blame lies with no one. Clients must think twice about blaming their legal advocate, as doing so does nothing to improve the situation.

Ask Questions

If clients do not understand something about their case, they should ask questions. Lawyers know how confusing it can be to navigate legal matters, and they expect their clients to have a lot of questions. Harmed parties must not think they have a silly or obvious question. Even with questions about legal fees, clients deserve to ask questions and fill in their gaps of knowledge. Suffering in silence could do more to hurt a case than help it.

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