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Wrongful Death Lawyers in Natick, Massachusetts

When a loved one dies, you may feel helpless and lost. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, our compassionate attorneys sympathize with grieving families like yours. We realize that the last thing you may feel like doing is hiring a lawyer or going to court. But when this becomes necessary, we work to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

To start, we want to meet you in the way most convenient for you. You can visit one of our law offices located throughout Massachusetts, such as the one found at 1400 Worcester St., Natick, MA, 01760. You can also contact our personal injury law firm at (800) 577-5188 to schedule a free online legal consultation with an attorney or invite us to visit you in your home.

But what are your rights? Are you wondering how a wrongful death claim can help your family?


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Negligence is the failure to behave with the appropriate level of care, either through action or inaction. For example, property owners must keep their premises properly maintained and reasonably safe. If they knowingly neglect issues that could cause injury, such as rotting stairs or a sagging roof, they may be charged with negligence if someone sustains a personal injury.


Recklessness, sometimes described as gross negligence, is acting with extreme indifference or disregard for the safety of others. For instance, what if a driver deliberately speeds in an area with a school crossing during hours of heavy pedestrian traffic? He or she may be held accountable for injuries caused to people or property.

Breach of warranty

Breach of warranty cases often involves products or services. Suppose you subscribe to a food delivery service. You would assume that the meals are fit for human consumption. Including a poisonous substance would not be fulfilling its contract as reasonably expected. So someone might sue the company responsible for such a breach of warranty. 

An attorney with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers can determine if you have a valid legal claim for compensation. In Massachusetts, only the administrator or executor of the estate, who may be related to the victim, can collect damages. To learn how to protect your rights, schedule your free case review with a compassionate personal injury attorney today.

Why You Need to Understand Your Rights After a Wrongful Death Accident in Natick, MA

Each state has its own set of laws. In Massachusetts, you can hold individuals or companies accountable for certain actions, such as negligence, recklessness, or breach of warranty.

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How a Wrongful Death Claim Can Help Your Family

As you may already be realizing, a death in the family can have stressful consequences. Paying shockingly high funeral costs and dealing with uncooperative insurance companies would be challenging under ordinary circumstances. But when you are stricken by grief, it can seem impossible.

Since 2004, the experienced legal team of Jason Stone Injury Lawyers has focused on recovering financial compensation for the families of wrongful death victims throughout Massachusetts. We know you may be facing heavy financial obligations at this difficult time, and we can help ease your burdens.

In some cases, you may be able to pursue a survival action as well. This is another type of civil suit that allows family members to recover compensation for their loved one’s losses, such as medical bills.

There are limitations to Massachusetts’s compensation rules related to wrongful death cases. For example, there’s a $500,000 damage cap in medical malpractice cases, and punitive damages are only awarded if the death was caused by malicious or reckless conduct. There may be ways around this cap, and your attorney will help you understand your compensation expectations based on the specifics of your case.

Call us today, and we can discuss your options for pursuing the full range of damages you need and deserve after the death of your loved one.

An attorney with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers can help you pursue claims for:

  • Medical expenses incurred because of the accident, including hospital bills, laboratory fees, and prescription medication
  • Funeral and burial costs for a casket, rental of facilities for viewing, or cremation
  • Lost income if your loved one missed work while getting medical treatment
  • Lost earning potential if the deceased contributed to the family’s support
  • Household assistance if you needed extra help in the home to care for your family member or to replace the value of household duties he or she performed

The damages mentioned above are based on economic factors. Yet, some families experience noneconomic damages as well:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of guidance and counsel
  • Punitive damages for malicious conduct

Money can never make up for your losses, but it can take away some of your financial worries. You are important to us, and we would like to assist you as much as we can. Please fill out the free initial consultation form to get in touch with our Middlesex County law office. We are also familiar with New Hampshire and Rhode Island laws, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if your incident occurred outside Massachusetts.

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When You Should Contact an Attorney

When a fatal accident occurs in Natick, Massachusetts, you should contact Jason Stone Injury Lawyers right away. Insurance companies often set strict deadlines for accident claims. The State of Massachusetts also sets a time limit, the statute of limitations, to file a lawsuit or claim for a settlement.

When Jason Stone Injury Lawyers investigates a case, we draw on over 20 years of legal experience. The sooner you contact us, the sooner one of our qualified attorneys can prepare litigation to protect your right to maximum compensation.

To take advantage of our valuable personal injury legal services, call us at (800) 577-5188 at your earliest convenience.

Our Team Can Handle Your Claim from Start to Finish

When you have the Jason Stone Injury Lawyers legal team on your side, you can focus on getting back on your feet while we focus on recovering the compensation to which you are entitled. From our very first conversation, our team will go to work protecting your right to compensation, will give you peace of mind and will spend our time fighting for a full financial recovery.

Our commitment to your well-being and satisfaction is summed up in our Stone Cold Guarantee®. Our attorneys are ready to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting better.

We will stand by you through the entire process, helping you understand what to expect and updating you on the status of your case. We can often prove you qualify to hold the at-fault driver liable and settle these cases without resorting to filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, we will not hesitate to take your case to court if necessary to get the full range of damages to which you are entitled.

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Jason Stone Injury Lawyers was diligent and focused. Tara Briggs’ diligence, knowledge, and communication were top-notch. She kept me very well informed of every step of the process and did everything possible to get me the money I deserved. I would absolutely recommend this firm to my closest friends and family.