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Boston Nursing Home Medication Errors

The number of Americans aged 65 and older increases every year. More and more of our elderly loved ones need constant supervision, leading many families to entrust their care to a nursing home or care facility. However, Boston nursing facilities sometimes put the health of these elderly ones at risk due to negligence or human error. 

One common mistake committed at nursing homes is a medication error. This occurs when a nursing home resident is administered medication differently from the doctor’s directions or the manufacturer’s instructions. Medication errors can bring severe consequences, including premature death or avoidable health complications.  

If you believe your loved one was a victim of a nursing home medication error, a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help you hold the facility accountable for its actions. No one should have to suffer poor medical treatment at the hands of caretakers. The Boston legal team at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is standing by to pursue justice on your behalf. Since 2004, we have fought for the rights of families like yours. Contact us today for your free consultation at 800-577-5188 or contact us online to find out how we can help you. 

Massachusetts Nursing Home Medication Regulations

Boston nursing homes are to follow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s regulations for medication administration. Some of these regulations include the following:

  • Medications must be accurately recorded and accounted for; each dose should be recorded in the clinical record by the appropriate medical professional
  • In the State of Massachusetts, the primary care provider (such as a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner) as well as registered nurses or licensed practical nurses may administer medications at nursing homes; in certain care settings, other medical professionals may be trained to administer medications 
  • Medications must be stored in areas beyond the reach of patients
  • Patients shouldn’t receive medications that are prescribed to other nursing home residents 
  • Any medication errors should be reported to the primary care provider so these can be recorded in the clinical record

If any of these regulations were disregarded and your loved one suffered side effects or injury, you may be able to seek compensation from the care facility. 

However, it’s important to remember that in Massachusetts, you must file a personal injury claim or lawsuit within 3 years of the incident in order to hold the liable parties responsible for the abuse your family member suffered. The sooner we get started on collecting evidence and building your case, though, the better. 

How to Determine Whether a Nursing Home Medication Error Has Occurred

You may be unsure whether or not your loved one suffered from a Boston nursing home medication error or some other factor. But if you suspect that the nursing home or care facility failed to follow the standard of care for administering patient medications, and that lack of care caused your loved one to suffer serious harm, you may likely be able to bring a personal injury claim against the nursing home or negligent staff. 

The nursing home or care facility is likely to try to protect its staff and may not immediately grant you the information needed to bring a case against them. Nevertheless, if you suspect that a grave error has taken place, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason Stone Injury Lawyers in Boston. 

Our Boston nursing home abuse lawyers know how worrying it can be to have your elderly loved ones’ care out of your control. Come talk to our compassionate local legal team. We offer free consultations to discuss your options. 

Nursing Home Personal Injury Case Settlements

Each personal injury case is unique, and that includes nursing home abuse cases revolving around medication errors. We won’t know how much your family member’s case could be worth until we complete a thorough investigation. 

However, there are certain types of expenses that settlements in these types of cases usually cover. For example:

  • Cost of medical treatment from medication error-related injuries
  • Change of facility costs
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • In some cases, punitive damages

Additionally, if you are worried about the cost of our legal services, you can put your mind at rest. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, we review your case for free to see if we can help you prove your claim. Once we determine that we can help, we work on a contingency fee basis for the duration of the case. That means that you don’t owe us attorney’s fees until we recover compensation for you. 

With our Stone Cold Guarantee®, you can be confident that you’re getting the high-quality legal representation your family needs. We strive to be as transparent and available to our clients as possible. We handle everything – from phone calls to the nursing home to finding evidence – to support your claim. We keep you up to date each step of the way. 

Better Phone Stone®

Upon discovering that an elderly loved one has suffered at the hands of caretakers, many families feel devastated and betrayed. Rest assured, you do have options. If your loved one suffered due to a medication error at a nursing home or care facility, you may be able to hold that entity liable for your family’s pain and suffering. 

Facing a personal injury lawsuit alone is always daunting. That’s why you need a compassionate and qualified legal team on your side to help you. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being approachable and dedicated. Wherever you are, whether in Boston or another area, we make ourselves available for in-person meetings, phone calls, video calls, and more. We always offer free consultations with no obligation. 

If you don’t know where to go after suffering from a Boston nursing home medication error, you Better Phone Stone®. The legal team at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers can give you the help and personalized support you need. That is just one part of our Stone Cold Guarantee®. Call us today at 800-577-5188 or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.