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Boston Dog Bite Lawyers Discuss Increase In Number of Attacks

The citizens of Boston, Massachusetts, are facing a greater risk than ever before of becoming victims of dog attacks. The Boston Dog Bite Lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers explain the increase in the danger is the result of an ever-increasing population of uncontrolled animals in the city.

An article from The Boston Herald states that so far this year, there have been at least 49 dog attacks reported in the city of Boston. This has already surpassed last year’s grand total of 48 incidents of dogs biting humans.

An East Boston woman was left with serious injuries on Monday, August 12, after two unleashed canines attacked her and her dogs while she was walking through her neighborhood. A similar incident occurred in Hyde Park on August 1.

While many believe more regulations on pet owners could be a solution to the problem, many experts say these accidents highlight the need for more public awareness of how to approach and handle situations involving aggressive, strange dogs.

Jason Stone’s team of Boston Personal Injury Lawyers say one of the most vital steps a person can take to ensure their own safety is to never approach or attempt to pet a dog without the permission of their owner. Also, a person should never run from an aggressive dog. Instead, stand perpendicular to the animal while avoiding eye contact and slowly moving away. If a person is bitten, they should contact an attorney immediately.


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