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Boston, MA Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Boston bicycle accident lawyers

Bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as a viable way to get to work, stay healthy and fit, and enjoy time together as family. Unfortunately, with more bicycle use comes an increased risk of bicycle accidents. Bicycle accidents happen daily in cities and towns all across the United States and Boston is no exception. According to the CDC there were over one thousand bicycle accident deaths in 2015 and 467,000 bicycle accident injuries in the U.S. Injuries caused by bicycle accidents can be as minimal as a scraped knee or as serious as traumatic head injuries, or even death.

The most serious Boston bike accidents often involve collisions with motor vehicles. Bicycle accident victims are incredibly vulnerable while riding around cars and trucks. Bike riders have no protection surrounding them while they ride and are exposed to the dangers of distracted drivers, people operating a motor vehicle while drinking, and all other hazards of the road. Riding a bicycle in Boston is serious business and should not be taken lightly.

If you have been involved in a bike accident and suffered personal injury as a result, contact a Boston bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your accident case. If your bicycle crash was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you may be able to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. An experienced Boston bicycle accident attorney can evaluate your injury claim and recommend the best action to take to aid in your recovery.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is a team of personal injury attorneys serving Boston and areas throughout Massachusetts. The accident lawyers at Jason Stone offer a free consultation to accident victims looking for help recovering from their injuries. Call (800)577-5188 to arrange your free consultation.

Massachusetts Bicycle Regulations

In order to decrease bicycle injury accidents, it is important that Boston bicycle riders know and follow the rules of the road established by Massachusetts law. Bike accidents are not always preventable, but obeying the rules can help you avoid a serious Massachusetts bicycle accident.

In Massachusetts, bicycle riders are required to do the following:

  • Bike riders must obey all Massachusetts traffic laws and regulations.
  • When it is safe, riders must use hand signals to indicate plans to turn or stop.
  • Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way in Boston
  • When overtaking or passing pedestrians, bicycle riders must give an audible signal before doing so.
  • Bike riders may travel two abreast when it does not hinder passing traffic.
  • If a bicycle rider is 16 years old or younger, a helmet must be worn while riding a bike at all times. The helmet must meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements, as well as be properly fitted and secured.
  • A white headlight and a red tail light or rear reflector must be used anytime a bicycle is ridden ½ hour before sunset until ½ hour before sunrise.
  • If a bicycle has not reflector pedals the rider must wear ankle reflectors when riding at night in Massachusetts
  • The police must be notified of any bicycle accident involving a personal injury or property damage over $100.

In Boston and throughout Massachusetts, bicycle riders are not allowed to do the following:

  • Bicycle riders are not allowed to carry a passenger except on a regular seat that is permanently attached to the bike, or in a trailer towed by the bike.
  • Any child between the ages of 1 and 4 years old must be in a baby seat attached to the bicycle. The child must be able to sit upright and have a harness or seat belt properly secured.
  • No child under the age of 1 year old is allowed on a bike except in a trailer attached and pulled behind.
  • In Massachusetts, sirens or whistles are NOT allowed to warn pedestrians.
  • While riding a bike, Items must be carried in a basket, rack, bag or trailer designed for the purpose.
  • Bicycle handlebars are not allowed to be higher than the bike rider’s shoulders.
  • The fork of a bicycle cannot be altered and extended.

Bicycle laws are put in place to help protect citizens from personal injury related to a Massachusetts bicycle accident. Following the rules increases safety. Violation of the rules can be punished by a fine and or impoundment of the bicycle.

The Massachusetts helmet rule is critical to saving all riders, especially children, from significant head injury. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers understands that not every family can afford to purchase the safety equipment needed, that is why they launched The Stone Safety Squad Bike Helmet Problem. This unique program works with local schools to give free helmets to children who need them. The Boston bicycle accident lawyers at Jason Stone are doing their part to lower the rate of serious bike accident injuries.

A bike accident attorney understands that you can suffer serious injuries even if you obey bicycle regulations. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Boston bike accident due to no fault of your own, an experienced Boston bicycle accident lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

With over 20 years experience in personal injury law, the Boston bicycle accident attorney, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers provides a team of professionals to help you settle your bicycle accident case. A bike accident can cause significant damages and injuries, the team at Jason Stone understands you want your life to return to normal as soon as possible. Contact Jason Stone today to get started on your bicycle accident settlement. Call (800)577-5188.

Massachusetts Motorists Responsibilities Regarding Bicycles

Bicycle riders in Massachusetts can often protect themselves from injuries by obeying the laws regarding bike riding. Motorists also have a responsibility to protect bicyclists by following the laws regarding cars and bicycles in Boston.

Motorists in Boston are required by law to do the following:

  • Motorists must check for bicyclists before opening their door.
  • A safe distance must be kept to the left of a bicycle when passing.
  • Motorists must pass at a safe distance. In a narrow lane they must wait until it is safe to pass.
  • An abrupt right turn is prohibited for motorists after just passing a bicycle.
  • Mobile devices, cell phones, etc. are prohibited while driving, or stopped in a travel lane, including bicycle lanes.
  • Bicyclists riding to the right of traffic is not a legal defense for a motor vehicle colliding with a bike.

Personal Injury Attorney Recovers Damages In Bicycle Accident Cases

The damage done in bicycle accidents can be extensive. A Boston bicycle accident lawyer can help victims recover from the financial burden that bicycle accidents can cause. Damages from an accident are divided into two categories, economic and non-economic.

Economic damages from a Boston bike accident may include:

  • Reimbursement for all medical bills, including surgery fees, hospital bills etc.
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, home health care
  • Medication, prescriptions and over-the-counter
  • Loss of future income due to extensive injuries or permanent disability.

Non-economic damages bicycle accident attorneys can help victims obtain include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent impairment
  • Mental trauma
  • Loss of quality of life

Tragically, some types of bicycle accidents are so severe they lead to a person’s death. If a family member died due to injuries sustained in a bike accident, the survivors have a right to a settlement. Wrongful death cases often include financial compensation for:

  • Medical bills up to the person’s death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages, loss of future earnings
  • Loss of benefits, pension plans, medical insurance
  • Loss of care, protection, nurturing
  • Loss of consortium from a deceased spouse

Bicycle accidents can create a huge financial burden for bike accident victims and their families. An experienced Boston bicycle accident lawyer will be able to gather evidence such as medical bills and proof of lost wages to help support the victim’s claim of damages.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are dedicated to lessening the burden placed on accident victims by offering a free, no obligation consultation along with a Stone Cold Guarantee which assures the following:

  • Clients pay nothing until a settlement is won.
  • 24 hour response time.
  • Cases are handled in house, and not referred to other lawyers in almost all situations.
  • Updates will be given to clients every two weeks.
  • A face-to-face meeting will be arranged within 24 hours of a request.
  • A representative is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Within 6 months of the first settlement offer, the client will have the option to settle or start litigation.
  • Clients will be protected from insurance companies attempting to settle for less than a case is worth.


Who Pays For Damages After A Bike Accident In Boston?

Massachusetts has a no-fault car insurance system. Under the no-fault system, the vehicle owner’s insurance pays for medical treatment incurred by anyone covered under the policy regardless of who caused the accident. However, a serious bicycle accident in Boston causing at least $2000 in medical expenses or that resulted in injuries including broken bones, serious disfigurement, permanent disability etc. are not limited to a no-fault claim. At-fault drivers involved in a bike accident can be held accountable for their actions and the injuries they cause through a personal injury lawsuit.

Insurance companies often look out for their own best interests when making settlement offers to accident victims. Sometimes a quick settlement is offered that is far less than what the victim deserves. A personal injury attorney with experience in Boston bicycle accidents and insurance company negotiation can protect bike accident victims from low-ball offers by negotiating for a fair amount. If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, Boston bicycle accident attorneys will take the victim’s case to court. Insurance companies don’t want the expense and liability of a court case and will often be more willing to negotiate when they see a victim has a lawyer willing to fight on their behalf.

If you have been injured in a bike accident, the statute of limitations in Massachusetts sets a strict time limit on how long after an accident you can file bicycle accident claims. Contact a Boston personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident to avoid statute of limitation exclusions. You deserve full compensation for your injuries. Don’t settle for less.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is a team of legal professionals with over 20 years experience in personal injury law. With over $60 million dollars awarded to clients, Jason Stone has the proven track record clients can trust. Arguing with an insurance adjuster is the last thing you need to be thinking about after an accident. The team at Jason Stone will handle the negotiations on your behalf and won’t settle for less than you deserve. Contact Jason Stone today to set up your free consultation. A Boston bike accident lawyer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone (800)577-5188.

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