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3 Major Car Manufactures Recall Almost 3 Million Cars with Faulty Air Bags

Automakers Honda, Nissan and Mazda recalled almost three million cars Monday June 23rd, after discovering that the air bags could explode and injure passengers with flying shrapnel.

This announcement comes after Toyota’s June 11th disclosure that they would recall 2.3 million vehicles worldwide concerning the same problem. Japans Takata Corporation is responsible for designing these airbags and claim that the air bags involved in the recalls were built between 200 and 2002, when air bag inflators and their records were mismanaged at plant in the U.S and Mexico.

Honda announced that it was recalling about 2.03 million vehicles, while Nissan and Mazda are recalling 755,000 and 160,000 cars, respectively. The models involved include Honda’s Fit, Element and CR-V and Nissan’s Cube, X-Trail and certain Infiniti models. Affected Mazda models include Atenza and RX-8.

Two deaths in the U.S. have been attributed to faulty air bags that exploded. In both cases, the victims were in Honda vehicles. But this is not the first time the major auto-parts supplier has discovered faults in its production and likely will not be the last

Jason Stone and his team of Boston Personal Injury Lawyers recommend that you check with your local auto shop to make sure your car isn’t on the recall list and is safely equipped.

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