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Who Actually Pays the Cost in a Personal Injury Claim?

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When you suffer a personal injury, the consequences can be devastating. Loss of work, costly medical bills, and life-changing emotional challenges can wreak havoc on your life, making it impossible to enjoy normal activities and pay for daily living expenses.

When these consequences are caused by the negligent behavior of another, you may opt to file a lawsuit against the responsible party to seek damages for your injuries. If you are hesitating to file a claim because you don’t want to seem like the lawsuit type, it may be helpful to learn the truth about why personal injury claims are legitimate lawsuits and who actually pays the cost in a personal injury claim.

Are Personal Injury Claims Frivolous?

Despite what some parties would have you believe, personal injury claims do not exist as a way for you or your legal team to start frivolous lawsuits and make easy cash.

Personal injury claims exist so that individuals like you, who are harmed because of another person or company’s negligence, can receive compensation for pain and suffering your injuries have caused, pay the medical expenses you incurred, and keep your life afloat when you lose your ability to work or live with a permanent disability.

Who Pays the Cost?

When you sue another entity, you may wonder who pays the cost. Many victims of personal injuries don’t want to sue another because they feel it would cause them financial ruin. Likewise, many people hesitate because they think they don’t have enough money to file a lawsuit in the first place.

Here are a few helpful pieces of information that can set the record straight and give you accurate information when deciding whether to take legal action for your personal injury.

●      Hiring a Lawyer

Most reputable personal injury lawyers offer you a free consultation to determine if your case is viable in the legal system. If they decide to take on your case, you do not pay anything upfront. Your legal team fronts all the legal expenses of your claim and only receive compensation once you do. Before filing a claim, you and your lawyers discuss a contracted sum or percentage of the damages awarded, and they only receive payment once your case has been settled.

●      Legal Process

Unlike most courtroom dramas, most personal injury cases are settled before trial. Almost 75% of claims are settled out of court, which means that in most cases, you don’t need to be afraid of a dramatic legal battle in front of a jury.

When your case is settled, you will either receive an agreed-upon settlement after mediation with the defendant or be awarded damages by the court if the case does go before a judge. Your legal team will be with you every step of the way and negotiate a fair settlement or represent your case in court, so you receive the maximum damages possible.

●      Payouts

So who actually pays your settlement or damage? In most cases, it is the defendant’s insurance company that settles the payout. This is true whether it is an auto accident, slip and fall, premises liability, medical malpractice, or wrongful death; in each of these cases, the defendant likely has insurance meant to cover them if they cause injury to another.

Insurance companies hold billions of dollars in their funds due to the monthly premiums they receive from those they insure. Although an insurance company may try to settle for a lower amount, your lawyer can negotiate maximum compensation for your injuries.

How the Right Legal Team Can Help

Working with the right legal team can impact the outcome when filing a personal injury suit. When looking for Boston personal injury lawyers, find a team that is experienced and can implement a winning strategy to ensure you receive fair compensation for the injuries that you have suffered.

The legal team at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers gives you the Stone Cold Guarantee® that they will protect your rights and support you through the legal process.

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