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Wellesley, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

Wellesley personal injury lawyerIf you live in Wellesley, you might agree that Wellesley is a great place to live. The surrounding landscape is truly breathtaking, especially on a walk along the picturesque Lake Waban. Make a visit to Cottage Street and its nearby alleys and you will find the most charming old houses, most of which date back to the mid-19th century. 

But for some, all the charm and beauty have waned. Did you or someone you love experience an accident that left you physically and emotionally impaired? Did you entrust a nursing home to care for your elderly loved ones and now you suspect any of them are being mistreated? 

In any of these situations, it can be difficult to find your footing in life again. You might ask questions like these: 

  • Am I entitled to compensation? 
  • Where and how do I file a complaint?
  • Do I need legal advice from a Wellesley personal injury lawyer and how much will it cost?

If you have any of these questions, it is important to find assistance. Once you find someone to entrust with these matters, you can find peace of mind to move on with your life. 

Jason Stone personal injury lawyers in Wellesley want to guide you to winning compensation for the physical or emotional pain you might have felt as a result of negligence or misconduct. Phone Stone today or fill out the online form to get free advice on your next step forward. 

Wellesley Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

When deciding to move a loved one to a nursing home, you trust that the staff will care for that beloved person. However, you may be surprised to learn that, according to the World Health Organization, 64 percent of nursing home staff members abused residents in 2017.

This statistic is alarming since those affected are often vulnerable and lack the ability to fight back. If you suspect that a relative or friend is being abused in a nursing home, it is important to take action. 

Here are some warning signs of nursing home abuse to watch for: 

  • Injuries including bedsores, bruises, cuts, or broken bones
  • Malnourishment or weight loss
  • Lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities 
  • Poor hygiene
  • Anxiety, depression, or confusion
  • Unexplained transactions or loss of money
  • Withdrawal from family members or friends

If you suspect abuse, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you establish if any abuse or neglect has occurred. We will also assist you so your loved one can get the care and support he or she needs. 

Is that not what each one of us wants for ourselves? At Jason Stones Injury Lawyers, we want to safeguard the well-being of dear elderly ones and hold nursing homes accountable for any negligence or abuse. 

Wellesley MBTA Accident Injury Lawyers

The MBTA offers great services for the Boston-area residents. Every week, more than 130,000 commuters make their way to work, school, or other activities. 

Sadly, injuries can occur due to overcrowded trains and busses, negligence, reckless driving, and other unsafe conditions on MBTA vehicles or in transportation facilities. If you are injured in connection with the MBTA, you may be entitled to compensation. 

Here is what you need to do if you are involved in an MBTA accident:

  • Be sure to get the driver’s information
  • Submit your own information to the driver; this will be included in the incident report the driver will submit to MBTA
  • Get medical treatment right away if you suffered a physical injury; the medical record will serve as valuable evidence of your injuries, and you will get the needed care to recover from the accident 
  • State your claim within 2 years from the actual incident 

If you or a loved one has experienced an accident on the MBTA, please let us help you through the claim and settlement process. Just sit back and let us handle all the legal hassle. There is no charge until you get your settlement.

How to Know When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been involved in an accident? Have you or your loved one suffered abuse or neglect? Such traumatic experiences can bring about both physical and emotional pain, or even have a prolonged effect on your life. 

The justice system acknowledges that you have the legal right to claim compensation for the loss you have experienced. You may file a personal injury lawsuit against the persons or institution who caused you harm for their negligence, reckless conduct, or intentional misconduct. 

In a legal sense, the term “personal injury” covers injury to the mind, the body, or one’s emotions. Naturally, if you have been injured in any way, it can be challenging to wrestle the legal system, greedy insurance companies, and bureaucratic organizations. 

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers serves people like you. It is our aim and goal to provide as much comfort as possible in the situation you are now facing. You might be surprised at how big a difference it makes when you are able to just let go of all your worries and leave them in the hands of our legal team and supportive staff. 

Below, we have provided a list of case types we handle: 

If you have experienced any of these traumatic events, do not hesitate to contact us. The list is not conclusive, though. If you have experienced another sort of trauma that is not listed here, let us know so we can help you further on the way. 

Why You Can Trust Jason Stone Injury Lawyers to Make Your Case

When you try to recover from abuse or an accident, you may likely find yourself under a lot of stress. We are dedicated to relieving that stress as much as we can, while we strive to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Our Stone Cold Guarantee® assures you that you will not pay a cent until you receive your compensation. You will receive a free consultation—with No Obligation, Just Information.® 

Plus, we are here 24/7, ready to support you. If you require assistance, you Better Phone Stone®, dial (800) 577-5188, or complete our free initial consultation form. We are looking forward to hearing from you.