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Massachusetts Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

The service provided by garbage trucks in Massachusetts is invaluable. Garbage truck workers rise early in the morning and jump on and off the vehicle slinging heavy trash for hours – all in an effort to keep our communities clean.

However, quite often, garbage truck accidents happen because garbage truck workers may lack sleep or be distracted from their various tasks. Collisions can result in severe, life-changing injuries for pedestrians and others due to the immense size and weight of garbage trucks.

If you have been hurt in a garbage truck accident, Better Phone Stone® at 800-577-5188. There’s no time to lose in filing a personal injury claim. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers offers free initial consultations to everyone and can easily arrange a session over the phone, by video conference, or in person at a location convenient for you.

Common Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

It is true that collecting trash is a vital service in maintaining a clean community, but it does not work without risk. In general, most unfortunate incidents are due to garbage truck driver negligence.    Some common causes of incidents involving a garbage or dump truck include the following:

  • Drowsy driving: Since garbage truck drivers must awaken early in the morning to start their work, they may tend to fall asleep behind the wheel. A garbage truck driver in this condition may simply be unaware of crossing pedestrians or other hazards.
  • Distracted driving: Garbage trucks are constantly stopping, and drivers are focused on the workers collecting trash as they go along the street. When a driver’s mind is preoccupied, he or she may proceed without keeping alert to the truck’s surroundings.
  • Reckless driving: In an effort to get the work done quickly, a garbage truck driver may drive faster than is advisable to get through the route sooner. Other types of reckless driving include backing up without warning and failing to yield to other drivers who have the right of way.
  • Falling objects: When workers toss trash into the compactor of the garbage truck, some objects or debris may fall to the ground. If the workers fail to collect these objects, a car might end up hitting these or swerving to avoid them.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance: Garbage trucks must be well-maintained. If an owner fails to keep his or her truck in safe operating order, he or she may be liable when workers, pedestrians, or passengers in other vehicles are injured in an accident.

This list is not exhaustive. There are, of course, other possible causes of collisions involving a garbage or dump truck. In cases where a defective truck part or poorly maintained roads were the cause, a potential third-party suit may be necessary to ensure that the victim gets fair compensation. This is why it is good to speak with a garbage truck accident lawyer regarding your case. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers has the experienced team members who will know how to investigate your case, analyze the facts, and pursue compensation from all responsible parties.

Common Injuries Suffered in Garbage Truck Accidents

In collisions involving commercial trucks, the risk of catastrophic injuries is higher than in other auto accidents with smaller vehicles. Garbage trucks commonly cause:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): Victims of garbage truck accidents may suffer a traumatic brain injury. TBIs include hemorrhage and concussion, both of which are potentially severe life-threatening conditions and require immediate medical attention.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Since the spinal cord is how the brain manages the movements and functions of the body, any type of spinal cord injury can result in severe life-altering conditions, such as permanent excruciating pain or paralysis.
  • Internal injuries: The impact from being hit by a garbage truck can often rupture or cause swelling and bleeding of the person’s vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, and heart. Injuries to these organs can be fatal if not treated immediately.
  • Loss of limbs: In a garbage truck collision, a person’s limbs may get shattered or crushed, which may result in amputation. As a result, the person must learn how to get through the rest of his or her life with fewer extremities or by using a prosthetic.
  • Wrongful death: Sometimes negligence results in death. Losing a loved one can cause an incredible amount of pain and suffering to a family. But when that loss occurs due to someone else’s negligence, the trauma may be further compounded.

Types of Compensation You May Be Entitled to Receive

If you sustained life-altering injuries or lost a loved one in a garbage truck accident, please call us without delay. You have the right to seek compensation, and your claim is time-sensitive.   The attorney you choose to represent you will have a direct impact on the outcome of your case. So if you want results, choose a local law firm that cares and has the resources to attain success. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers may very well be the right firm for you – come talk to us to find out for yourself.   When we take on your case, an attorney with our law firm will work to get you maximum compensation for your damages and losses. Compensation may include:

  • Present and future medical expenses
  • Present and future lost income
  • Household renovation for disability
  • Pain and emotional suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Compensation for wrongful death

Don’t Delay in Speaking With a Truck Accident Lawyer

When you have been injured in a garbage truck accident, you may feel completely overwhelmed by your change in circumstances, but you don’t need to suffer alone. We are here for you.

The attorneys at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers have over 20 years of extensive knowledge of personal injury law. That’s what has enabled us to win millions for our clients over the decades. We can also get you maximum compensation for the damages you sustained in your garbage truck accident.

It only makes sense that the person or company whose negligence caused your injury should pay for your recovery. However, the insurance company most likely will offer a low amount in an effort to get you to settle your garbage truck accident claim quickly.

Don’t be fooled! And above all, don’t settle too soon. Instead, take action to protect your right to fair compensation. Start by getting free legal advice from the team at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers before speaking with an insurance adjuster.

There’s No Obligation, Just Information® when you talk to us during your free consultation session, which we can arrange over the phone, by video conference, or by any means you prefer.

There are no hidden fees for our assistance, even when you hire us – that’s part of our 10-point Stone Cold Guarantee®. With no risk to you, why not act now? Reach a personal injury lawyer at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers today at (800) 577-5188 to schedule your free consultation. 

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