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Why Do I Need a Boston Car Accident Lawyer?

One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with insurance companies is watching them try to take advantage of injury victims. If you remember the line from the movie The Usual Suspects (great movie) “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” then you can make the connection to the insurance industry.  Through all of their advertisements promising that you are in “good hands” and “accident forgiveness” consumers are convinced that the insurance company is not the devil and there is no need for an attorney to represent them.  Nothing could be more inaccurate.

We have been taking a tally of the cases we have settled in the last year on behalf of our injury victims.  The numbers were so staggering that we have decided to share them on our Facebook Page. One car accident case, just settled today, had been denied by the insurance company – no offer – for 2 years, until we got on the case.  The insurance policy limits are $25,000, and we got that $25,000 for a very grateful client who had us fight for them.

Insurance companies are not your friend, they do not have your best interest at heart, and most of all, they do not want to pay you. On the flip side, a Boston personal injury lawyer is always seeking to get as much money for the injury victim as possible because the attorney typically gets a percentage of whatever is recovered for the victim.  No money up front, no risk for hiring an attorney, and payment only if there is a recovery. The injury lawyer’s and the client’s interests are totally aligned. The insurance company wants to keep money in their pocket and out of yours. Their interests could not be more different than yours.

Why do you need a car accident lawyer? Protection – Protection from the greedy insurance companies that make billions of dollars off of your premiums and then make any excuse to limit what they pay you when you finally, and unfortunately, need them. Let Jason Stone Injury Lawyers fight for you. It’s what we do – and it will give you peace of mind knowing that no fat cat on the 99th floor is taking advantage of you. You can contact us even if there is a uninsured motorist in the accident, be it you or the other person.


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