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Personal Injury Lawsuits For Construction Accidents

Personal Injury Lawsuits For Construction AccidentsConstruction work is often hazardous, from the risk of falls, slips and trips to more serious incidents, such as electrocution and injuries caused by malfunctioning power tools. In 2019, 991 construction workers died on the job, and their loved ones may only have their memories and little else after failing to realize their rights regarding compensation in the aftermath of an on-site accident.

If your loved one died or became seriously injured at a Massachusetts construction site accident, you may believe that the site owner or those you believe responsible will contribute to funerary expenses or offer compensation for you and your family. In reality, you may only receive a portion of the burial costs, leaving you struggling to cover the rest, along with household bills and medical costs if your loved one died after weeks or months of lingering in a hospital due to the grave injuries the construction site accident caused. Obtaining legal services can provide you with a variety of resources and assistance during a time when you may not have all the answers.

Learn Your Rights 

The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts asserts that insurance companies need not pay any amount of money in excess set by the executive office of health and human services. As such, if your loved one incurred considerable medical bills before he or she passed due to a construction site accident, you may find yourself responsible for the remainder of the bill. Serious injuries that require future care, such as rehabilitation and nursing assistance, can cost thousands of dollars. When your loved one’s ability to earn future wages is no longer certain, this may cause you and your family considerable stress. However, seeking legal assistance may help you learn your rights in such a situation and provide you with opportunities to file one or more lawsuits against those you believe contributed to your loved one’s injury or death.

Safeguard Your Rights 

Once your attorney advises you of what rights you and your loved ones possess during a construction site accident case, he or she can help you defend those rights as well. Having a lawyer on your side in this capacity can ensure your legal rights in several ways, including:

  • The attorney-client relationship that protects your privacy
  • The right to access records that may affect your case
  • The right to file a lawsuit and gain compensation

Having a legal team on your side during this trying time can protect you and your loved one and may even help you feel less vulnerable. Because Massachusetts has its own laws regarding worker’s compensation, safeguarding your legal rights by hiring a knowledgeable lawyer means less worry about whether you are able to exercise your full spectrum of rights.

Choosing To File a Lawsuit 

If you believe you have a case related to a construction site injury or death, contacting a lawyer can provide you with a wealth of information regarding Massachusetts law, your rights as an individual or a spouse and whether your case is strong enough to take to court. An attorney can meet with you, advise you concerning the facts of the case and offer services that can take the stress out of organizing a lawsuit on your own.

Communication With Insurance Companies 

One of the greatest roadblocks to gaining any compensation for a construction site accident is insurance companies. Once an accident happens and you believe it occurred because of unsafe site practices, an insurance company may try to coax you into settling for an amount that will not help you with medical bills or future care.

In 2021, fall protection violations within the construction industry were the most common infraction committed, and if you believe the accident that caused injury or death resulted from such an error, then filing a lawsuit may help you cut through all the insurance interference and get to the root of the matter. Insurance companies tend to move quickly when these types of accidents happen, but referring any insurance representatives to your attorney can provide you with peace of mind as he or she works on your case.

Accurate Record Keeping 

When a construction site accident happens, there is much to keep track of including medical bills, projected future needs, such as physical therapy and, in the case of on-site deaths, funerary burial and cremation costs. Hiring an attorney that specializes in these incidents can take the task of record-keeping off your plate, especially during a time when your focus is on either taking care of or grieving your loved one.

Fielding phone calls 

Recording communication dates and times can help strengthen your case and provide you with proof when insurance companies contact your attorney. This is a crucial aspect of record keeping. Your attorney can also phone the hospital or your loved one’s doctors and other healthcare workers to double-check records for accuracy with greater success.

Speaking To Witnesses 

One important aspect of record keeping during this type of case is to reach out and speak with any witnesses who viewed the accident or gave assistance in the aftermath. Locating and speaking with these individuals can have a major impact on your case. Your attorney may even find those who hesitated to come forward and add even more credibility to your lawsuit.

Following Paper Trails 

Even in today’s digital age, a lawsuit creates a paper trail that can spread for miles, especially if the owner of the construction site does not believe negligence caused your loved one’s injury. Depositions, written witness accounts and inspection reports from the site may all affect your lawsuit, and a dedicated legal team will track all paperwork generated by your lawsuit.

Legal Knowledge and Accuracy 

Hiring a construction site accident lawyer can offer you peace of mind that your legal team has the knowledge and ability to read through all the necessary papers and information that pertains to your case, such as the Massachusetts guidelines for injured workers. This document includes suggested treatment options for a variety of injuries, and your attorney can provide you with the information you need for your case in a way that is both timely and easy to understand.

Legal Representation In the Courtroom 

If your loved one received catastrophic injuries in a construction site accident, such as a brain injury due to a fall, she or she may not have the ability to attend court. Your attorney can represent all of your concerns in court, including:

  • Lost wages
  • The ability to earn wages in the future
  • Speaking to those giving sworn testimony

You can provide your attorney with permission to speak for you and your injured loved one during court and while speaking to those involved on the phone, which may reduce the stress that often occurs while enduring legal proceedings. This gives you the freedom to care for your loved one and the comfort that your legal team is out there caring for your best interests.

Reach Out For Legal Assistance 

While the construction industry may feature a variety of hazards, Massachusetts state laws provide safety rules and regulations designed to protect construction workers. When those laws fail to protect you or your loved ones, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers stand ready to advise you of your rights and how to proceed when you believe the compensation insurance companies offer is not fair. Visit our website today and discover how to contact us for further information.

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