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Marlborough, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

Marlborough personal injury lawyerA serious accident can turn your life upside down in just a few seconds, and it may be extremely difficult to face all that a serious injury entails on your own. If you are dealing with mounting medical expenses, costly rehabilitation procedures, and other unexpected financial losses resulting from your injury, we may have the right solution for you. 

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is located in Natick, making it Marlborough’s personal injury law firm of choice. We help victims of the negligent or reckless actions of individuals, institutions, or businesses. On your behalf, we can take decisive legal steps that will make your complete physical and financial recovery possible.

Remember, there is a time limit to file a claim to receive compensation. So there is no reason to wait any longer. Contact our skilled Natick personal injury team today and schedule a free No Obligation personal consultation with one of our attorneys in person or through video teleconferencing. He or she will listen closely to your story, offer a preliminary analysis, and provide the advice you need regarding your compensation options.

Cases We Handle

Each and every accident or injury is different and requires a unique approach. Since 2004, our skilled Marlborough personal injury lawyers have been more than adequately prepared, both in theory and in practice, to successfully handle a wide variety of claims related to different accident scenarios. 

Some of our most important practice areas include:

No one wants to call a lawyer, but if you’re on this page, you’re concerned you may need to. Let us help. If you or your family member has been injured as a result of any of the circumstances mentioned above, please call us to find out your options to file a claim. In fact, even if you have been injured as a result of a different kind of accident, we encourage you to get in touch with us to explain the circumstances that led to your injury. Our legal team will listen and do its best to see how we can help you.

Marlborough Car Accident Attorneys

Marlborough may be a relatively small town of about 39,000 residents, but we have seen multiple car accidents here over the years. Heavy traffic on I-495 and I-290 has contributed to many accidents which often involve trucks and other heavy vehicles. Some of the resulting crashes turned into multiple-vehicle accidents or roll-overs. One even caused vehicles to catch fire.

Whether you were involved in a similar car crash on the interstate or in a less serious accident on one of our inner-city roads, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys are ready to hear your story in order to understand the circumstances of your accident and prepare a strong claim with high chances of success. 

Our aim is to help you recover your monetary losses related to your injury. If you are experiencing physical or emotional pain that is impacting your daily living activities, we will fight to ensure the insurance company does not take advantage of you. We will make certain that everything that should be included in the settlement is included in the settlement.

Marlborough Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

As mentioned above, car crashes that happen on the busy interstate roads near Marlborough can have devastating consequences. They often involve multiple cars and can stop traffic for long periods at a time. This may cause drivers to be exhausted, irritated, and distracted. which often further increases the risk of becoming involved in accidents once they’re finally off the highway and driving within the city.

Sadly, distracted and negligent drivers in Marlborough have caused accidents involving pedestrians. You may have seen headlines regarding the accidents along Route 20, on Broadmeadow Street near Parmenter Street, or near the intersection of West Main Street and Winthrop Street. Our city has been hit by a number of such incidents in the past few years, and we are sad to see how each has impacted the members of our community. 

If you or a family member has been injured after being hit or run over by a car in Marlborough, please contact us immediately so we can start gathering the evidence needed to get you compensation for all of the difficulties you’re experiencing.

Marlborough Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Should you ever discover that your elderly relative may have been subjected to neglect or abuse in an elder care home and suffered injuries or negative health consequences as a result, it’s time to act. Please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Jason Stone Injury Lawyers nursing home abuse attorneys.

Both within the urban limits of Marlborough and in close proximity to the city, there is a number of nursing homes around for elderly residents to receive the care and daily medical attention they need. Some of these facilities are well-respected and enjoy a good reputation with residents and their families.

However, negligence is a common problem in many nursing homes in Massachusetts, and it can happen in virtually any such facility. Therefore, families with loved ones living in nursing homes should be especially vigilant to any signs of negligence and abuse. In case of any doubts or worrisome symptoms, you should reach out to us. Our personal injury lawyers in Marlborough, MA will help you make sure your loved one is safe and fight to make sure that those who have neglected your loved one is held financially accountable.

Schedule a Free, Personal Consultation in Natick, MA

Do you have any questions about your accident, a potential injury claim, or the ways in which Jason Stone Injury Lawyers will be able to help you? Gain peace of mind by reaching out to us and scheduling a personal consultation with one of our attorneys. Your consultation and any and all advice our attorneys may give you are provided free of charge. Even if you don’t decide to work with us in the end, you won’t owe us anything.

As a part of our Stone Cold Guarantee®, your personal consultation works on the following basis: There’s No Obligation, Just Information®. You Better Phone StoneSM as soon as possible. Give us a call or fill out our dedicated online contact form, and we guarantee we will respond within 24 hoursor lunch is on us! 


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