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Boston Drug Injury Attorney

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Prescription drugs are created to help us feel better, but they’re also a big business. When pharmaceutical companies rush new medications to market, patients can become victims. Drug injuries often result in lost wages, pain and suffering, and the need for expensive medical treatment.

If you’ve been injured by a drug, you shouldn’t have to pay for a drug manufacturer’s negligence. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, our drug injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you’re owed for your damages. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week—just dial (800) 577-5188 or contact us online using our Free Initial Consultation Form.

Drug Injury Claims We Handle

We handle a variety of injury claims related to a variety of drugs, such as:

  • Abilify® Compulsive Behavior Risk
    Studies have shown a potential link between taking the antipsychotic drug Abilify and damaging pathological behaviors, including compulsive gambling and hypersexuality.
  • Antidepressant Birth Defects
    The use of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors—or SSRIs—while pregnant may increase the risk of severe and even life-threatening birth defects.
  • Blood Thinner Injuries
    Patients taking newer blood thinner medications may face an increased risk of severe bleeding. Certain anticoagulant drugs, such as Xarelto® and Eliquis®, contain no counteracting drugs to stop bleeding once it begins, which may lead to serious or fatal health complications.
  • Diabetes Drugs Linked to Cancer
    Several of the most popular Type 2 diabetes drugs on the market may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.
  • Heartburn Drugs Linked to Kidney Disease
    Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), a class of prescription heartburn drugs, are used to reduce acid in a patient’s stomach. But many of the most popular PPIs have been linked to serious health risks, including chronic kidney disease.
  • Invokana® and Invokamet®
    Patients taking the Type 2 diabetes drugs, Invokana and Invokamet, may face an increased risk of ketoacidosis—a condition where the body produces high levels of acid in the blood.
  • Low Testosterone Therapy
    Androgel® and other testosterone-boosting treatments may double the risk of heart attack in certain male patients.
  • Onglyza®
    An FDA advisory committee concluded taking the prescription Type 2 diabetes drug Onglyza® (saxagliptin) can increase the risk of heart failure—a fatal condition.
  • Risperdal®
    The antipsychotic drug Risperdal® has been linked with the development of gynecomastia—or the development of large male breasts—in young male patients.
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
    A condition that can cause severe and painful skin reactions as intense as third-degree burns, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome has been documented as a side effect or reaction to a variety of drugs and infections.
  • Taxotere® Permanent Hair Loss
    Taxotere®, an injectable concentrate used during chemotherapy treatment for cancer, has been linked to permanent hair loss in female breast cancer survivors.
  • Viagra® Skin Cancer
    Taking the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra® can greatly increase the risk of developing melanoma—a deadly form of skin cancer.
  • Xarelto®
    The prescription blood thinner Xarelto® has no counteracting drug, and it may increase the risk of severe bleeding, blood clots, and stroke in some patients.
  • Zofran®
    Zofran is sometimes prescribed to treat severe morning sickness in pregnant women—an off-label, or unapproved, use. However, data indicates that the drug may lead to birth defects in children.

Our drug injury lawyers know the life-altering effects of drug injuries, and we’re here to protect your legal rights.

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Drug manufacturers have powerful legal teams fighting to protect their profits. Don’t face them alone. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, we have the legal knowledge and resources to help build a strong drug injury claim on your behalf. Contact our legal professionals today, and let us help you get the money you need to cover your medical expenses.

Boston Drug Injury Attorney