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Gurveen Sandhu

Case Manager

Gurveen was born and raised in a charming town just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. When faced with the boredom of her quaint hometown, summer breaks called for three-month excursions to India. These annual visits are what connected her with people from all walks of life, enabling her to develop a more profound understanding of the human experience.

This broadened her perspective and gave her a better understanding of the world around her. She then made the decision at a relatively early age that she wished to pursue a profession in law – chiefly driven by the opportunity it presented for making tangible and impactful change, regardless of the magnitude of the influence.

After completing her studies at The Ohio State University in 2022, she ventured east to Boston where the hustle-and-bustle of city life truly resonated with her spirit. This is where she set the cornerstone for her professional ambitions by becoming a Case Manager. With each new opportunity or challenge that arises during her time at Jason Stone Injury Lawyer, she is grateful for these experiences that take her one step closer to achieving her goal of becoming an attorney.