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Daphnee Marcelin

Case Manager

Phone: (617) 523-4357 x 124

Support staff at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers

Daphnee Marcelin was born in Boston and received her associate degree in paralegal studies from Quincy College. She also studied at Cambridge College, where she received her bachelor’s degree. 

Fascinated by the way the law can be used to right a wrong, Daphnee joined Jason Stone Injury Lawyers after hearing positive feedback from former clients. Her patience, care, and humility help ensure clients get the support they deserve throughout the claims process.  Her fluency in Haitian Creole has assisted countless clients.  Whether Daphnee is making clients’ days when calling to check on their recovery, or making her co-workers’ days with her infectious smile, Daphnee’s compassion is contagious.

Daphnee loves trying new restaurants, but her greatest love centers around bringing her beautiful family to Chacarero in Boston and indulging in their Brazilian cuisine.

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