Verdicts & Settlements

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not looking out for your best interests. Accepting an initial offer from an insurance company could mean losing thousands of dollars in compensation to which you may be entitled.

We won’t settle or recommend settling your case until you get the most money possible for your accident or injury, and our track record speaks for itself. Over the past 10 years, we’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we can help you too. Call (800) 577-5188 or fill out our free form, and let our dedicated attorneys help you get as much money as possible today.


Diane B. – Slip and Fall

Our client slipped and fell on paper flyers in a retail store. After an initial offer of only $10,000, Attorney David Lentini fought for her rights and obtained a $75,000 jury verdict.


Barry H. – Car Accident

Our client suffered a soft tissue injury during a very difficult time in his life. His wife was going through her second cancer surgery and the family was under financial strain. Attorney David DiCenso knew that any amount of money would make a big difference in this client’s life, and wanted to do everything possible to help him through this difficult time. With compassion and persistence, David was able to secure $9,500 for our client’s injuries—money that helped him and his family get through tough times.


Julianna L. – Car Accident

Our client became homeless after she was seriously injured in a car accident that separated her left shoulder. The insurance company initially offered her $14,000, but that wasn’t nearly enough to cover the paychecks she lost and the treatment she needed. Attorney Michelle Newton knew the way this client had been treated was wrong, and Michelle was determined to fight hard to help her get back on her feet. Through Michelle’s compassionate advocacy, our client was awarded $46,000 and was able to get back to work and find a new place to live.


Paul R. – Car Accident

Our client was rear-ended and suffered painful injuries. But because there wasn’t a lot of obvious damage to his car, the insurance company refused to pay him any money, arguing that his injuries were preexisting. Attorney Michelle Newton believed in our client and refused to be intimidated by the insurance company’s legal team. Using the latest technology and extensive knowledge of the law, Michelle was able to secure $250,000 in damages for our client.


Tiffany W. – Car Accident

Our client was struck by another vehicle while she was making a left turn and suffered numerous injuries. The insurance company denied her claim and never made any settlement offer. Attorney David Lentini stood up for our client and demanded the insurance companies do what’s right. Through aggressive representation, we were able to secure $13,000 to cover her damages.


Stapleton – Slip and Fall

Our client slipped and fell on water while entering a store. The fall aggravated a preexisting back injury and put our client in a lot of pain. The insurance company argued that our client wasn’t entitled to compensation, but Attorney David Lentini wasn’t buying it. He fought hard for our client and obtained a $25,000 settlement.


Robert P. – Workers’ Compensation

Our client was employed as an EMS technician when he suffered a disc herniation. The insurance company didn’t want to cover the full costs of his medical treatment and lost wages, but Attorney David DiCenso fought hard and secured $175,000 in compensation for our client.


Sandy M. – Car Accident

Our client had a preexisting back condition that required multiple surgeries. When she was hit by another vehicle in a car accident, it reinjured her back and put her in a lot of pain. Because she had a preexisting condition, the insurance company didn’t want to pay her for her medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Attorney Michelle Newton knew that wasn’t right and wouldn’t let them get away with it. Michelle stuck with the client and was able to obtain a $90,000 settlement to cover the costs of her injuries.


Linda L. – Car Accident

Our client injured her shoulder in a car accident. The insurance company denied her injury was related to the crash, but Attorney Michelle Newton wouldn’t let them deny our client the money she needed. With passion and persistence, Michelle was able to secure $85,000 in damages for our client.


Andrew H. – Workers’ Compensation

Our client suffered a herniated disc while working as a prop maker. The injury caused our client a lot of pain and restricted his mobility, which made it very difficult to do the work he was used to. With the help and guidance of Attorney David DiCenso, we were able to obtain a $160,000 settlement to cover his medical expenses and lost wages.


Botelho – Traumatic Brain Injury


Ferris – Slip and Fall


Armani J. – Personal Injury