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Boston Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

For many, delivery trucks are a welcome sight. After all, a postal service truck could contain something the homeowner has been waiting to receive. Yet, not every encounter with a Boston delivery truck may go as planned.

Like any other vehicle, a delivery truck driver has the potential to cause injury and even death when getting involved in an accident. From 2019 through 2020, there were over 240,000 motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts. 

When a postal service or delivery truck hits you, you have more to deal with than just the opposing driver. Trucking companies and their insurance companies could join forces to avoid their legal and financial responsibilities to you. 

Before that happens, Better Phone Stone® at (800) 577-5188 to take advantage of a free consultation. Our law firm, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, can inform you of your rights to full and fair compensation for your injuries. We won’t be intimidated by the other parties; when we take on your case, we can pursue your claim and negotiate a settlement on your behalf, ready to file a lawsuit and go to trial if and when necessary.

Boston Truck Accident Lawyers Can Investigate Your Case

Under Massachusetts law, a personal injury claim occurs when one party’s careless or reckless actions injure another party. Yet, at an accident scene, the delivery truck driver, the victim, and witnesses may tell different versions of the same event. 

Your personal injury lawyer can get to the bottom of matters by examining the evidence. In particular, he or she will determine whether the driver failed to exercise reasonable care. 

Some negligent driver actions may include:

  • Driving delivery trucks while fatigued
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions
  • Ignoring traffic control signs and devices
  • Following too closely
  • Weaving between lanes
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Not giving proper right-of-way
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (OUI)
  • Allowing distractions to take their attention from the road
  • Showing road rage (aggression or anger) 

In some cases, though the driver did nothing wrong, you might still have grounds for a personal injury claim. Contact  our delivery truck accident lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers to learn about outside factors that might have played a role in your truck accident.

Some contributing factors may have been:

  • Poor maintenance practices: Each trucking company must regularly inspect its fleet of delivery trucks. They should never allow a truck with potential hazardous mechanical problems on the road. Your truck accident attorney could pursue a claim on your behalf if negligent maintenance practices contributed to your injuries.
  • Mechanical failure: Was there a defective automobile part on the delivery truck that hit you? Broken or defective products could indicate errors in design, manufacturing, or distribution. Determining how the mechanical failure came about will help narrow down the parties liable for the accident.
  • Road conditions: The MassDOT Highway Division and local agencies take care of many of the state’s highways, bridges, and tunnels. Even the best delivery truck drivers can lose control of a vehicle when faced with a bad road. Our law firm can take action if adverse road conditions (e.g. potholes, obstacles in the street, ice) led to your delivery truck accident. 

Would you like to know whether you are eligible for a truck accident claim? Request your free consultation at (800) 577-5188 or by leaving us a message today. 

Injuries That Could Qualify For Compensation 

Our compassionate lawyers realize that a personal injury can affect your physical, mental, or emotional well-being. So, for nearly 20 years, our law firm has offered legal services to Boston delivery truck accident victims. We can help you and your family get maximum compensation for the physical injuries and other damages suffered.

Every delivery truck accident is unique, but some people have experienced serious injuries including, but not limited to the following.


When a delivery truck hits a vehicle, the necks of the accident victims inside the car can bend back and forth very quickly. The force could damage muscles, discs, nerves, and tendons in your neck and back. Symptoms of whiplash range from pain and stiffness to numbness and sleeplessness.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Head injuries can result in damage to the skull, brain, or blood vessels. According to a local Massachusetts hospital, TBIs are a leading cause of disability and death. Concussions, skull fractures, and diffuse axonal injury are examples of TB!s often associated with car accident victims.


A partial or complete bone break is called a fracture. Its symptoms might include pain, swelling, and trouble moving. An experienced delivery truck accident attorney will be able to seek compensation for medical bills associated with fractures and any resulting deformities on your behalf. 

Amputation and disfigurement

An amputation is the loss of a limb or other body part. The definition of disfigurement includes amputations but also refers to anything that affects someone’s appearance (e.g. scars, burns). When insurance companies refuse to pay for a prosthesis or reconstructive surgery, our Boson delivery truck accident lawyers could assist you in getting the treatment you need. 

About 50 percent of amputees experience pain and phantom limb sensations. Such traumatic disfigurement also could take an emotional toll. 

Could a personal injury settlement make it possible for you to get much-needed physical and psychological therapy? Please continue reading to learn how successful truck accident cases could transform the recovery of clients like you. 

How Our Boston Delivery Truck Accident Lawyers Protect Rights

Truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them have a responsibility to the public. If you have been injured in a delivery truck accident that involved negligence, you might be wondering about your legal rights. The truck accident attorneys of Jason Stone Injury Lawyers can advise you of your eligibility for the following delivery truck accident compensation.

Property damage

Most cars are no match for delivery trucks. The delivery truck company could be responsible for car repairs or replacement if your vehicle was totaled. Our Boston truck accident attorneys work hard to ensure clients get fair compensation for property damage.

Medical expenses

Your medical bills can continue to multiply even after you leave the hospital. Medical devices, prescription drugs, and rehabilitative aftercare can add to your debts. You could learn how our diligent truck accident attorneys win maximum compensation for present and future medical costs in a free consultation. 

Lost wages 

Delivery truck accidents often involve a long recovery. If you miss work, you could lose a sizable amount of pay. Yet, with the help of a competent Massachusetts accident attorney, you can recover lost income and compensation for lost earning potential. 

Survivor’s benefits

By far, the majority of Massachusetts fatal crashes occur in Boston. When local delivery truck accidents rob families of their loved ones, our caring truck accident attorneys can work to protect the rights of surviving relatives. 

Since 2004, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers has helped clients win economic damages in wrongful death claims. Recovering funeral expenses and pain and suffering compensation can liberate you from unnecessary financial anxiety. 

We understand that during a difficult time, interacting with others can be a challenge. Our empathetic legal team wants to make you as comfortable as possible during your free consultation. 

Let’s talk by phone, videoconference, live chat, or in person at our Boston law office. There’s No Obligation, Just Information.® 

The Urgency of Delivery Truck Accidents

All accidents, Boston truck crashes included, could potentially qualify for compensation. Yet, the State of Massachusetts limits the time for victims to file a legal claim. If you miss the window, you could forfeit any right to get compensation for your injuries. It would be nice if you could pause time to catch your breath when you are hurting. Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

When you’ve been injured by postal service workers or delivery truck drivers, you know you want justice. Nevertheless, you may hesitate to hire a lawyer. This is understandable, but we urge you to consider consulting an attorney as soon as possible.

If insurance companies played fair, you probably would never have to seek legal counsel. But, in reality, getting professional representation could make the difference between a secure financial future for you or a lifetime of regrets.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so we don’t get paid until you receive money for your settlement. This means you will never have to pay for our legal services out of pocket. Does knowing that ease your mind? 

Schedule your free consultation today to benefit from over 70 cumulative years of law experience. Our Boston delivery truck accident lawyers are ready to hear your story 24/7, so start a live chat now or call our Boston law office at (800) 577-5188.

Get your FREE Immediate Case Evaluation

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