Jennifer Acheson

Case Manager

“It just amazes me” is how Jennifer explains her interest in law. A child of Law and Order, she formed the opinion early on in life that “laws are made to be abided by, some I may or may not agree with, but in the end, its justice.”  It is a sense of justice that has inspired Jennifer to make a career out of helping people navigate the legal system.

Always striving to achieve the most just outcome, Jennifer warmly ensures that are clients are taking care of themselves while she compiles all of the necessary evidence to prove their case.  A proud wife and mother, Jennifer rarely has time for herself, but when she does, she likes to go on driving adventures.


Hi my name is Justin p. I recently was in a pretty bad place as I was struck head on by a u-haul truck. I didn’t know what to do or what my options would be as I laid in the hospital I began to look for legal representation and decided upon Jason Stone Injury Lawyers. I explained my situation and literally 30 mins or less later a young woman by the name of Renée called me back and had my back from that first conversation it was then I knew I was in great hands. Renée introduced me to my case manager the most kind woman named Jennifer. They together helped me tremendously and always were there to answer any questions I had and helped me remain patient as any law suit is a tedious process. To those two woman I feel forever indebted they handled my case with my best interest at heart and in mind and I feel whole once again thanks to all of there hard work on my behalf. Jason Stones law firm is worth having represent you and I’m sure all there legal teams are kind and hard working but maybe you’ll get lucky as I did and be assigned to Renée and Jennifer as I was. – Justin P.


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