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Carley Findlen

Manager of Case Management

Carley grew up in Beverly, Massachusetts, and goes by the nickname “Big Bad”. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a focus in Vocal Performance.

Carley took an interest in law while helping a friend study for law school.  She enjoys yoga, running, cornhole, pool, interior design, playing golf, and music. She is a wife, human mom, and dog mom. She is a fan of Alabama Crimson Tide football. Roll Tide! She enjoys music and singing, and her favorite artists are Prince, Billie Holiday, The Dead, and anything Chris Cornell has done.

Carley’s favorite ethnic foods are Mexican and Indian, and her favorite restaurants are The Howling Wolf in Salem, Sawasdee in Danvers, and Anmol in Beverly. She drinks her coffee decaffeinated and puts pineapple on her pizza. To relax she enjoys Netflix, a beer, and some dark chocolate.

Carley joined Jason Stone Injury Lawyers in 2020 and hopes to be a valuable manager by helping the team through any challenges in their recovery process.