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New Problem for Boston Cyclists: Where to Park?

Anyone who lives in or around the city of Boston (or any city for that matter) knows that driving into town is more work than its worth. With all the red lights, road work, detours, and traffic, almost any driver would be smart to leave the car at home and take the train to their destination. Recently, another form of transportation has become increasingly popular, and has encouraged many Massachusetts citizens to take to the street – literally.

More than ever, bicycles  have become a reliable means of transportation, especially within cities like Boston. They’re easy, (relatively and comparatively) cheap, and great for exercise. The problem is, many bicyclists are running into an issue that Boston car drivers know all too well: lack of parking.

According to a Boston Glob article written by Beth Teitell, the availability of bike parking and pike racks are simply not keeping pace with the increase of bike users in the city of Boston.

While biking is still a great alternative to driving, safety is still of the utmost importance! The Boston Bike Lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers encourage all cyclists to be safe while riding!

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