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Marijuana Still Illegal For Truckers in Massachusetts, Despite New Law

With Massachusetts’s voters favoring the legalization of medical marijuana in the state this past November, lines have become hazy in regards to how use of the drug could affect a person’s employment, especially for drivers of commercial vehicles. TruckingInfo.com discussed the new regulations and the fallout they may have on truck drivers in particular.

While use of the drug for medical purposes is now allowed in the state, possession and use of marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law. Furthermore, Department of Transportation (DOT) rules state Marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, which are illegal for a truck driver to consume at any time. DOT Officials add that any driver who tests positive for marijuana will not be able to have the results of their test reclassified based on their home state’s laws.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is looking to also develop a clearinghouse for drug and alcohol testing that would require drug testing of drivers even after they are hired. DOT is also considering measures that would test hair rather than urine samples to reduce the number of truck accidents associated with impaired driving. Sadly, impaired driving is just one cause for truck accidents, and adds to a long list.

The MA personal injury lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers support any measure that will not only reduce the number of Boston truck accidents, but will also work to keep motorists safe from harm. That is why the firm hopes these new policies will be successful in their mission.

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