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Whiplash Prevention: IIHS Rear Crash Test Study

We all hear about the danger of whiplash from getting rear-ended, but how do we prevent it? This is where the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety comes in.

Enter BioRID – an anthropomorphic test device (more commonly known as an ATD, or simply a crash test dummy), used by the IIHS to emulate a human body’s reaction to automobile collisions. The IIHS used BioRID to simulate rear crash testing, providing accurate, real-time reactions of an actual human body.

In a recent video, IIHS Chief Research Officer David Zuby illustrates how BioRID is strapped into a seat which has been mounted to an air-pressured sled. The sled is then accelerated forward with the same velocity that a car seat would accelerate during a rear end collision. IIHS research then analyze the results, examining how the car seat protected the crash test dummy from whiplash.

Results are analyzed, conclusions are made, and ultimately – cars are safer. All thanks to the great work of the IIHS.

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Watch the IIHS Rear Crash Testing video here.

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