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West Bridgewater Man Dies due to Texting While Driving

A 25 year-old West Bridgewater man has died last month from injuries sustained from an automobile collision. Police say the crash was a result of texting while driving.

While texting and driving PSAs and regulations are cracking down and increasingly enforced, many drivers continue to text on their mobile devices while behind the wheel. According to Police Lieutenant Tom Schaltz: “Everyone understands that texting is dangerous, but sometimes it’s hard for people to believe it until something like this happens…”

This is all too true.

Massachusetts AAA Spokeswoman Mary Maguire says, “Texting is the great triple threat because it takes your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road, and your mind off driving.”

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers encourages all drivers to keep their hands on the wheel, and their eyes on the road. Texting can wait!

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