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Will My Truck Accident Lawyer Deal With the Insurance Companies for Me?

Truck AccidentAfter getting into an accident with a massive commercial truck, you likely want to get back to your life and treat your injuries as quickly as possible. To do that, you may need a sizeable settlement from the truck driver’s or trucking company’s insurance provider. Jason Stone Injury Lawyers understands you could feel hesitant about working with insurance companies, and we do not blame you. Find out whether you should expect your legal representative to communicate with insurance carriers and what else your lawyer does for you.

Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side

One of the first things you must know about truck accidents is insurance agents prioritize their bottom line over the accident victim. Even if you show you have a valid claim and deserve full compensation, an insurance provider may offer a low settlement that does not account for all the suffering and damage you endured. Rather than speak with a claims adjuster or another insurance representative, you have several reasons to let a truck accident lawyer step in.

You May Not Be in the Right State of Mind To Give a Statement

After a truck accident, you may feel shaken and upset, a combination that does not bode well for a conversation with an insurance representative. You could slip up and say something you do not mean, or you could say the wrong thing while in a haze of confusion. If you realize a mistake and want to change your statement, the insurance company could use that as a reason to deny your claim or say you did not sustain serious injuries in the accident. Rather than scrutinize every word you say to an adjuster or insurance agent, you and your truck accident claim may benefit from letting a legal representative step in and handle everything for you. That way, you need only focus on recovering.

You May Not Realize the Extent of Your Injuries

Even a minor truck accident could cause extensive injuries. Immediately after the collision, adrenaline coursing through your system may mask injuries and pain, which could make you think you emerged unscathed. If you do not receive medical attention because you feel okay and tell an insurance company you did not sustain injuries, you may ruin your claim if you discover injuries or symptoms days or weeks later.

You Could Cave Under the Insurance Company’s Pressure and Settle

The defendant’s insurance company could try to pressure you to settle and make a low-ball settlement offer. If you do not understand your rights or your case’s full worth, you could accept a terrible offer without realizing it does not account for all the damages and suffering you endured. Insurance companies count on your lack of knowledge and fear, which is why they make offers that seem generous at first glance. You could underestimate the extent of your injuries, or you may not account for the long-term treatments you need to recover fully. Either way, a seemingly substantial settlement could quickly become an inadequate offer once you realize the many parts at play for your truck accident case.

Truck Accident Lawyers Do More Than Handle Insurance Companies

Other than getting experienced help to navigate insurance companies, you may wonder how else a truck accident legal representative helps your case. As with any other motor vehicle accident, liability becomes complicated in truck accidents, and not having access to help could cost you more than you realize.

Helping You Build a Legal Case Even If You Bear Partial Fault

As you and the defendant gather evidence, you could learn your actions contributed to the accident. For instance, perhaps you hovered in the truck’s blind spot right before the driver made an illegal lane change. Maybe you looked down at your phone right before the truck’s faulty brakes went out. If the other side accuses you of contributory or comparative negligence, your most favorable move could be to let a legal advocate take over your case.

Uncovering All Responsible Parties

Other than you and the truck driver, your claim may involve unknown parties. Trucking companies, cargo loaders, trucking part and truck manufacturers, government entities and independent contractors are examples of other individuals and entities who could bear responsibility for the injuries and damages you suffer in a truck accident. Rather than a single individual or entity, multiple parties may play a part in your accident. Truck accident lawyers know what evidence to look for and have access to the resources to understand which actions and inactions contributed to your damages.

Deciding the Most Favorable Legal Option

You could have more legal options than accepting the insurance company’s pitiful settlement. You may have better luck recovering full compensation if you file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking company or manufacturing company. Even if you must settle with the coverage provider, your legal team could recommend settling out of court through arbitration or mediation. Simply knowing your legal options does not help you choose one by yourself. Legal advocates help clients understand their choices and explain an option’s pros and cons. By letting a professional take the reins, you may make better decisions and feel confident about your case’s outcome.

Reversing a Claim Denial

Say you handled your insurance claim alone before hiring an attorney. The insurance company could deny your claim, but even if it does, you may have a chance to reverse the decision. To make the most of that small opportunity, it makes sense to hire a truck accident attorney. Legal advocates know how to make the most of an accident claim’s discovery phase, which involves settlement negotiations, meeting legal filing deadlines and lawsuits. Making up for lost time and lost opportunities while appealing a claim denial could boost the chances of the insurance company reversing its denial.

Calculating Damages

To fully understand your truck collision’s worth, you must know how much you stand to receive in damages. Other than damages for car repairs and medical bills, you could also qualify to receive additional damages if your injuries forced you to take time off work to recover or if you experienced a loss of earning capacity because of your injuries. Other than physical harm, personal injuries may affect your mental health. Motor vehicle and truck accident victims could experience anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, nightmares and restless nights after enduring harm because of another’s negligence. Pain and suffering and emotional distress damages seek to make victims whole. Truck accident lawyers know what evidence to gather to help clients recover full damages to help them recover physically and financially. Legal representatives also have access to professional witnesses who may offer testimonies on a client’s behalf.

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