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Tort Reform – A Quick Guide

What is tort reform? While those who are not directly familiar with tort law may not  know what the term means, it is important to know that the threat of tort reform affects everyone. According to an article in the Arizona Daily Star written by Jo Holt, Tort Reform is most commonly rationalized by arguing for the reduction of costs that are passed to customers.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

However, by simply studying how this process is done, one will realize that much more damage is done than good – literally. According to Holt, “Instead of benefiting the customer by lowering insurance premiums, tort reform actually hurts customers by removing corporate accountability for malpractice”. In essence, tort reform caps the amount of money an individual can sue for in a case of malpractice or corporate negligence. Holt then goes on to describe a case in Texas in which an individual was never financially compensated after being misdiagnosed – leading to the loss of both of her legs.

By placing a restrictive cap on the amount of money one can claim in a case of malpractice, the very essence of a democratic justice system is weakened. The Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers know how important it is to fight for all the money you deserve – and will continue to do so. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the threat of tort reform.

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