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Roslindale Woman Bitten By Dog, Hospitalized

According to a article written by Todd Feathers, a woman in Roslindale was sent to Faulkner Hospital of Brigham and Women’s after being bitten in the hand by a pit bull.

The sound of growling woke the 52-year-old woman at 8:30 a.m, which she discovered to be coming from two pit bulls – one 13 yeras old, and one 5 years old – fighting outside her Ridge Street apartment. The woman managed to separate the two animals, and was attempting to calm the younger dog and bring it inside, when it turned on her and bit her on the hand. Her son came outside and successfully calmed both dogs down until animal control officers arrived, who then took the younger pit bull into custody.

The woman was transported to the hospital shortly thereafter, the severity of her hand injuries currently unknown.

Incidents like this highlight the importance of your wellness and safety in regards to handling dogs, particularly when a dog does not belong to you. The Boston Personal Injury Lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers take this seriously, and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding dog bite incidents.

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