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Officials Work To Reduce Boston Pedestrian Accident Numbers

Pedestrian accidents are a serious hazard to the citizens of Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Pedestrian Accident Lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers point to data showing more than 1,500 accidents involving bicyclists in the city during 2009. Also, five cyclists were killed in Boston during the summer and fall of last year alone.

According to an article published recently by The Boston Herald, city officials are working to reduce the number of bicycle accidents in the area by launching a website called BostonBikes.org. The site is aimed a raising awareness of the importance of cycling safety, while also offering the public several tips on how to operate a bicycle more safely along the city’s streets.

Some of the main points covered on the site include the importance of cyclists and motorists both watching for closing and opening doors on parked vehicles, as this is one of the leading causes of collisions in the area. Experts also touch on just how vital utilizing safety equipment, such as helmets, lights, and reflectors, can be to accident prevention. Visitors to the site are also encouraged to watch safety videos, as well as test their own safety knowledge by taking a quiz.

Jason Stone and his team of Boston Personal Injury Lawyers are hopeful the site will be successful in its missions of reducing accident numbers and raising public awareness about bicycle safety.

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