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New Bike Crash Map of Boston

A new map that was released this past week breaks down in detail every reported bike accident that has occurred in the Boston area from 2009-2012. This interactive map covers bicycle accidents with more in depth descriptions such as what the weather conditions were that day, what street it was on, the time of the incident, age of the cyclist, and how the incident actually occurred.

The raw data and map is a product of a BARI fellowship completed by Dahianna Lopez, a doctoral student from Harvard’s Injury Control Research Center. Lopez and BARI partnered with the Boston Police Department, the Boston Cyclists Union, and Mayor Marty Walsh’s office to create and make public the detailed information. This project was an extension of the Boston Cyclist Safety Report.

In regards to the bike crash map, here are some biking safety tips to know when cycling around town.

  • Don’t Ride Against Traffic- Ride With Traffic
  • Follow the Traffic Lights and Signs- If you are approaching an interaction, stop before you cross and yield to traffic.
  • Don’t Ride on the Sidewalk- When you come off the sidewalk to cross the street you’re invisible to motorists.
  • Always Look Behind Before you Turn- Some motorists like to pass cyclists within mere inches, so moving a tiny bit to the left could unexpectedly put you in the path of a car.
  • Signal when Making a Turn- Put out your left arm when you’re turning left, put out your right arm when you’re turning right.
  • And Lastly… Always Wear a Helmet- It’s the law

Jason Stone and his team of Boston Bicycle Accident Lawyers encourage all bicyclists to follow these safety tips when cycling around the city. We don’t want you to be another dot on the bike crash map.

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