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Is Boston a Safe Place for Pedestrians and Cyclists?

Pedestrians and cyclists are common on Boston’s roads. Both forms of transportation are affordable and convenient. But navigating our streets via bike or foot isn’t without risks.

How dangerous is walking and cycling in Boston, and how does the safety of these vulnerable road users stack up against those in other cities and states around the country?

What the Numbers Tell Us About the Safety of Boston’s Streets

A Massachusetts Vision Zero report found that, in 2018, 680 pedestrians and 425 cyclists were hit by vehicles on Boston’s streets. That same year, 71 pedestrians and six cyclists died in Massachusetts.

The latest update from Vision Zero said that, as of June 22, 2020, 13 pedestrians and four cyclists have been killed in our state this year. A high concentration of fatal bicycle and pedestrian crashes happened in and around Boston.

Boston and Massachusetts Are Safer Than Other Cities

The good news is that neither Boston or Massachusetts typically make annual lists of the nation’s most dangerous cities and states for pedestrians and cyclists. Though other places have worse statistics, it doesn’t mean that our pedestrians and cyclists are completely safe.

One of the biggest efforts to make our city more hospitable to walkers and bicyclists is Vision Zero, a global project that aims to reduce all road fatalities to zero by the year 2030.

Vision Zero represents an ambitious plan, but it’s one we need if we’re to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable road users. The program has given Boston praise for creating a network map to identify high density areas of crashes and making data available on the city’s website.

It also says that steps are still needed to improve the safety of Boston’s roads. That includes improving data collection and analysis. Vision Zero suggests that our city take the following steps to make roads safer:

  • Hire a full time Boston Police data analyst to clean up crash report data,
  • Investigate crash trends, and
  • Work with the transportation department, Boston EMS, and MassDOT to improve safety.

A Game Plan for Cyclists and Pedestrians Injured in Boston

When a pedestrian or bicyclist is injured on our roads through no fault of their own, they have legal options available to receive compensation that covers the many costs of their injuries.

Personal injury claims in Boston allow injured people to demand payment from at-fault parties and their insurance companies. The payment one demands through these claims isn’t a handout, nor is it a crash grab.

When you file an injury claim, you’re simply seeking compensation that you’re owed by a negligent party. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out the true value of an injured person’s claim, so it helps to have an experienced attorney on your side. Otherwise, you risk getting offered a “lowball” settlement—or having your claim denied altogether.

Injured in Boston? Better Phone Stone!

If you were injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident in Boston, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is here to help. Contact our experienced legal team any time. We want to help you explore your legal options through a free, no-obligation consultation.

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