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IKEA Recalls Children’s Wall Lamps after Child’s Death

It is strongly encouraged for everyone to check on recent recall information while purchasing a product that could potentially be harmful, especially if it’s a children’s product.

According to CNN Health, Ikea has recently recalled it’s wall-mounted children lamps, since one toddler died and another was injured, as a result.

In each case, the cord of the lamp was pulled into the crib by the child, which created a strangulation hazard.

There are eight different models involved in the recall: a blue star, a yellow moon, a pink flower, a white flower, a red heart, a green bug, a blue seashell, and an orange seahorse.

It is strongly advised that if you do have this lamp, to make sure the cord is far out of the child’s reach.  Also, contact IKEA customer service to receive a repair kit free of charge.

Jason Stone’s team of Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers would encourage anyone who was hurt by a faulty product to discuss their legal options with an attorney.

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