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Huge Worcester Crash a Reminder to Prepare for Winter Driving

On December 1st, Mother Nature delivered Worcester Massachusetts its first icy roads of the year. The result was a massive car crash involving nearly 70 cars and tractor trailers. The only thing that prevented this crash from being deadly is that it occurred on a Sunday, rather than Monday morning commute.

There were three tractor trailers in the crash including two that jackknifed. Many cars were unable to stop; therefore they ran into the trailers, and became trapped underneath. Incredibly, nobody was killed. Scores were taken to the hospital with injuries. The Boston Herald quoted Leif Blomster, who wisely listened to his wife and stopped his car on the highway without hitting anything. Maybe the move wasn’t that wise since he was immediately slammed from behind by multiple vehicles that didn’t or couldn’t stop. The story quoted Blomster as saying “My wife said, ‘What about behind us?’ and we both looked in the mirrors and saw cars just flying at us,” Blomster continued. “And — boom! — airbags went off. I smelled smoke. And we just heard crash, crash, crash, crash, crash — and more and more accidents. We were hit at least two more times. The kids were crying.”

According to Mass. DOT officials that stretch of roadway had been treated for ice (presumably with salt and sand) only one hour before the crash. A DOT official told the Herald that the agency would review their work to see if there was more that could have been done to prevent the accident.

Accidents like this are not that uncommon in New England, although the number of vehicles was much larger than usual. Given this is part of the driving reality in our region; does this factor into your vehicle choice when shopping for a new or used car? Do you try to buy a car that is larger and presumable safer? Do you use winter snow tires, or just go for it on your “all-season” rubber. Comment below and let us know.

By John Goreham, Boston Car Examiners | December 1, 2013

Jason Stone and his team of Massachusetts personal injury lawyers want to remind all drivers to be extra cautious when driving this winter, especially this weekend with the upcoming expected snowstorm. The firm urges anyone who is injured due to vehicle accident in poor weather conditions to discuss their legal options with a reputable attorney.

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