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How MA Traffic Congestion Affects All Road Users

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Car accidents are scary for anyone. But some of the most troublesome aspects of accidents come long after a crash happens.

In addition to worrying about potential injuries and their corresponding medical bills, you might also face unexpected bills for vehicle maintenance and lost income resulting from missed work because of your crash.

Unfortunately, a Boston driver can expect to be in an accident every five years, about twice the national average.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the Boston car accident lawyers at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers can help you navigate a car accident claim.

Massachusetts Isn’t a Safe Place to Drive

A recent report from TRIP reveals why: Massachusetts has some of the worst traffic congestion in the country. Up to 68% of Massachusetts urban interstate highways are considered congested at peak travel times. More concerning, 7% of Massachusetts bridges are rated poor or structurally deficient, earning a spot in the top five worst bridges in the country.

While politicians argue over funding for roadway projects, Massachusetts drivers must deal with the consequences of congested and damaged roads, many of which involve personal injury.

Congestion Impacts Travel Time

Impacts on travel time are inconvenient, but if your travel time is longer than expected, it can lead to stress and wasted time.

●      Delays waste time

Congested roadways increase time spent on the road, whether from stop-and-go traffic or accidents. Either way, delays mean wasted time sitting in the car that you could have spent being productive at work or home.

●      Estimating time of arrival gets difficult

We’ve all been forced to do the travel math: If I leave at 7:30, it’ll take 30 minutes to get to work. But if I leave at 7:35, it’ll take me 45 minutes. And if there’s an accident, it might take up to an hour and a half to reach your destination.

Congestion Leads to Wear and Tear on Vehicles

The constant stop-and-go traffic means you have to replace certain parts of your car more often, and that means you’re spending more money. For example, you’ll probably need to replace your brake pads more than you would if your commute wasn’t through congested areas. If these increased repairs aren’t in your budget, you may end up driving an unsafe car, which can lead to an accident.

Congestion Negatively Impacts Quality of Life

Traffic also adds to air pollution, contributing to health conditions, especially respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and asthma.

Sitting in traffic is stressful, whether you are running late or because more cars on the road mean more potentially frustrating interactions on the road. Either way, the stress can take a toll on your health, leading to conditions such as chronic headaches and high blood pressure.

Congestion Has Serious Safety Implications

Drivers in congested areas often experience stress, which can lead to road rage. Road rage is defined as excessive anger resulting from frustration with traffic conditions, and it leads to aggressive driving, which is responsible for 66% of driving fatalities.

Whether due to road rage or just more people being on the road, it’s fair to say that congestion leads to accidents. In 2019, Boston averaged 12.1 accidents a day, and Massachusetts had 4,432 accidents on the interstate. These accidents resulted in 334 fatalities and 2,725 serious injuries.

These accidents increase pressure on the overworked interstate system, leading to even more delays.

Congestion on Massachusetts interstates even impacts drivers who avoid them. Many drivers will reroute through local communities when faced with a delay, causing more dangerous driving conditions in areas that aren’t used to seeing traffic.

Traffic congestion also slows down emergency vehicles as they race to help people who need urgent care.

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