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Driver Fired Following Boston MBTA Trolley Accident

A Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) trolley driver has been relieved of his duties after causing an accident that injured at least one passenger. The Newton Patch says MBTA Acting General Manager Jonathan Davis made the announcement Wednesday.

Davis explained the full-time MBTA trolley operator had worked an eight-hour shift at a part-time job just hours before reporting for duty at his job as a driver on Boston’s Green Line. The accident happened just before noon when the driver plowed his vehicle into the rear of another trolley, throwing one passenger from the vehicle and leaving the victim in serious condition.

It’s unclear if the driver fell asleep at the wheel prior to slamming into the stopped trolley; however, officials believe fatigue was a contributing factor in causing the accident and was the reason the driver was let go. Davis added the driver had received fatigue-awareness training twice over the last year prior to the Boston MBTA Accident.

While there in no rule against MBTA drivers holding a second job, policy does require that each driver ensure they have sufficient rest before reporting to work.

The Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers add other complexities with the policies overseeing MBTA accidents can make filing a claim against the organization very confusing and the firm is here to answer questions you may have if you are preparing to file a claim.

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