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Decision Reached In Boston MBTA Bus Accident Lawsuit

A decision has been reached in a Boston MBTA Bus Accident Lawsuit that was filed on behalf of a woman injured in a crash along the city’s Green Line in 2009. The victim and her family are disappointed with the award, saying it barely covers the expenses they have incurred due to the injuries the woman sustained.

According to an article from CBS-Boston News, the woman was a passenger on a bus that crashed while the driver was texting his girlfriend on his cellphone. The impact of the collision threw the victim from her seat. She struck her head and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

The driver of the bus later pled guilty to a charge of gross negligence and the woman filed suit against the city, claiming the driver’s actions were directly responsible for her injuries. Lawyers for the MBTA argued the woman suffered from preexisting conditions, and the MBTA should not be held responsible for many of the woman’s ailments.

The victim was seeking a total of $8 million, but last week, a jury awarded the woman only $460,000.

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