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CPSC Recalls Snow Blowers Due To Injury Risks

With several feet of snow being dumped over the Boston region in recent weeks, many have been vigorously working to remove snow and ice from driveways and walkways. What they may not be aware of though, is that they may be putting themselves at risk of injury if they use certain equipment.

According to a press release from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a recall has been issued for the Briggs & Stratton Ariens Snow-Thro 24-Inch snow blower. The recall was initiated after reports were received on the unit’s carburetor bowl nut coming loose, causing a Product Liability concern. The defect allows fuel to be purged from the machine, which can result in a serious fire hazard.

Those who are in possession of an affected unit have been instructed to halt use of the product immediately. The owner should then contact their local distributor for a free repair to be conducted on the affected unit.

These aren’t the only snow blowers causing injuries though. Just last Tuesday, at around 10:30 a.m., a man reported having a finger amputated after it became caught in a snow blower he was using in Newton, Massachusetts. He was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

The Boston Personal Injury Attorneys with Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are aware of how dangerous using faulty equipment can be. That’s why they suggest discussing your legal rights with a qualified attorney if a product that did not function properly has injured you.

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