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Boston Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

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The brain is the most vital organ in the body, and when it gets damaged, victims often experience profound changes in their life. Everything from the way victims walk and speak, to their personalities and memories, can be affected by traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). In some cases, brain injuries can even make it impossible for victims to live independently or without medical assistance.

The attorneys at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers know how devastating TBIs can be to families—especially if the victim was hurt because of someone else’s negligence. That’s why we fight hard to get victims the money they need for their medical bills and lifelong care. Get in touch with us today. Dial (800) 577-5188 or fill out a free online form.

Complications of TBIs

The effects of TBIs can be far-reaching for victims and include:

  • Personality Changes
    When certain parts of the brain are damaged, it can lead to changes in mood and personality. Victims can experience behavioral changes or be unable to hold down jobs.
  • Loss of Motor Control
    TBI victims may have difficulty walking, talking, eating, and doing other routine tasks after their injuries.
  • Comas and Vegetative States
    People who suffer severe TBIs may lose consciousness and fall into comas for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Brain Injury Claim? Better Phone Stone.SM

If your loved one, friend, or family member has permanent side effects from a TBI caused by another person or company’s carelessness, our attorneys will do our best to get him or her full compensation for the accident. You won’t owe us any money for your TBI claim unless we get money for you. That’s our Stone Cold Guarantee®.

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