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Maximo Sterling

Case Manager

Phone: (617) 829-2151 x 156

Support staff at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers

Maximo has a B.S. In Molecular Biology and Microbiology and B.S. In Health Sciences, both from the University of Central Florida and a A.S. Degrees in Paralegal Studies Transactional and Litigation from Valencia College.

He decided to get into law because, ​he was impressed by the amount of positive reviews from our clients. You do not see that when reading client reviews for law firms. He also took a look at some of Attorney Stone’s videos online, and saw that his focus was on the client and not on himself, he is a local Massachusetts born attorney and wants to treat his clients like family. He really like that approach compared to other attorneys that he knows.

In his free time Maximo likes ​reading and spending time with family.


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