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Gina Elysee

Case Manager

Gina is a North Cambridge, MA native. Gina’s parents grew up in Haiti and she is the youngest of three. JWU Providence is where Gina obtained her BS in Political Science. She is currently in a dual degree Masters program at Suffolk University for Public Administration and Applied Politics. Gina’s career goal is to pursue judgeship. But for now, she looks forward to law school in the near future.

During her free time you can find her traveling internationally, at a local museum, concerts, wine tastings, creating content, or spending time with family. Gina is a foodie, fashion, art, photography, beauty and music enthusiast. She aspired to be a world renowned fashion designer as a child. However, life had other plans as her passion for justice, public service, social reform, and equality intensified over the years. Gina loves to dedicate her time to community service, youth engagement, teaching grassroot politics, and being a vessel to those in need.