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Danielle Drallios

Case Manager

Phone: (617) 523-4357 x 147

Support staff at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers

Energetic, hardworking, dedicated and loyal is how Danielle is described.  Spending her days fighting to fix the injustices befalling injured people is what makes her thrive.  Whether she is on the phone working to get insurance companies to pay benefits to our clients, gathering evidence, or drafting documents advocating for the fair compensation owed to injury victims, Danielle’s days fly by because she is doing what she loves.

Danielle is happiest outside of work canoodling with her son and husband in the backyard of their home outside of Worcester. Ideally, she would be eating Greek or Lebanese food, listening to classic rock, with the smell of roses wafting nearby.

Danielle’s greatest non-work related contribution to the firm is the joy she brings to her co-workers when she gets excited.

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